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Michael Smyth is the Coordinator of the UrbanIxD project that is funded under the EU FP7 programme and is part of the FET Open initiative (www.urbanixd.eu). He has worked in the fields of Human Computer Interaction and Interaction Design since 1987 and during that period has published over 60 academic papers in refereed journals, books and conferences. In addition he has had interactive installations exhibited at both UK and international conferences and arts & design festivals. He is co-editor of the book entitled Digital Blur: creative practice at the boundaries of architecture, design and art, Libri Publishing.

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  • Interaction Design
    Interaction Design is concerned with the design of interactive objects and spaces and with the delivery of high quality user experiences (UX). For example, expressive interaction describes the range of new forms of human-computer interaction that are made available through technologies based on...
  • Urban Interaction Design
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+44 (0)131 455 2733

Room C36
Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

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    PhD Project Involvement

    Oluwaseun Bamgboye (PhD 2016-)
    A semantic approach for smart city data integration towards improved data quality.
    Iris Buunk (PhD 2014-)
    Easier, faster, better? Evaluating to what extent social media facilitates tacit knowledge sharing practices between employees within organisations belonging to the public sector.
    Baraq Ghaleb (PhD 2015-)
    On efficient routing primitives for low-power and lossy networks in internet of things.
    Serkan Ayan (PhD 2010-)
    Understanding user experience in blended spaces.
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    Recent Publications

    Smyth, M., Helgason, I. (2017). Making and unfinishedness: designing toolkits for negotiation. In: (Ed.) EAD12|2017 DESIGN FOR NEXT, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Rome, Italy: . European Academy of Design EAD.

    Stals, S., Mival, O., Smyth, M. (2017). Exploring People’s Emotional Bond with Places in the City: A Pilot Study. In: (Ed.) Proceedings DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) 2017; Edinburgh, UK, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

    Andriotis, P., Apostol, I., Gaved, M., Smyth, M., Unteidig, A. (2015). DIY networking as a facilitator for interdisciplinary research on the hybrid city. In: Theona, I., Charitos, D. (Eds.) Hybrid Cities - Data to the People, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . .

    Helgason, I., Smyth, M., Rosenbak, S., Mitrovic, I. (2015). Discourse, Speculation And Disciplinarity: Designing Urban Futures. In: (Ed.) Nordes 2015, Design Ecologies, Challenging anthropocentrism in the design of sustainable futures, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Stockholm, Sweden: . Nordic Design Research.

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    Supervised dissertations

    McKelvey, A. (2014). Information in Motion (BSc (Hons) Digital Media Dissertation). Edinburgh Napier University (Hetherington, R., Smyth, M.).