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Marwa Salayma is currently a PhD student at the School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University. In 2014, she received a PhD studentship from the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation, to do PhD research in the in the School of Computing at the Centre for Distributed Computing, Networking and Security. Her PhD topic is in the field of Wireless Communications and she is proposing reliable and energy efficient scheduling protocols for Wireless Body Area Networks. In 2010, she received M.Sc. scholarship from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to do master studies in Computer Science at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Her master thesis topic was also in wireless in communication and her master thesis title: Power Efficiency Model for ZigBee Networks. In 2007, she received her B.Sc. degree in Computer Systems Engineering based on the Electrical Department from Palestine Polytechnic University. Her graduation project title: Portable Security System Using Communication Cards. Her research interests are: Wireless Communication Networks, such as Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Wireless Mesh Networks. Media Access Control protocols: Energy Efficient Communication, Reliable Scheduling and QoS Provisioning in Wireless Networks. Wireless Communication Standards. Optical Wireless Networks: LiFi. Her research findings have been published in world leading journals such as IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, and ACM Computing Surveys, and in prestigious international conferences including IEEE ICC. Marwa has been the recipient of several academic awards and recognitions. Marwa is currently a member in the organizing committee of the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) PhD Conference 2018. Marwa has experience in supervising and examining research dissertations and projects. She worked as a research assistant, besides working as a lecturer for programming languages modules. She is an expert in network simulation tools. She also worked as a web developer and was responsible for developing Palestine Polytechnic University website.

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  • eHealth
    The way healthcare is delivered changes rapidly. The reasons are demographic and societal changes, austerity and rapid progressive technologies. Care models are shifting from specialist oriented hospital based to distributed, patient centred care.
  • Networks
    Our future society, and its economy, will be built within a seamless environment of networked information resources. IIDI's Network Theme has been created to meet the demands of this society. Dr Ahmed Al-Dubai leads the Network Theme, which seeks to develop local human capital in the fields of...
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    Salayma, M., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I., Nasser, Y. (2017, May). New Dynamic, Reliable and Energy Efficient Scheduling for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN). Paper presented at IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'17), Paris, France.

    Salayma, M., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I., Yassein, M. (2016). BARBEI: A New Adaptive Battery Aware and Reliable Beacon Enabled Technique for IEEE 802.15.4 MAC. In: (Ed.) Book chapter in Advances in Networking Systems: Architectures, Security, and Applications (ANSASA), Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing” series, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). : . Springer.

    Salayma, M., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I. (2016). Reliability and Energy Efficiency Enhancement in Wireless Body Area Networks for E-Health. In: (Ed.) the 19th Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications Conference (FRUCT), , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Jyväskylä, Finland: . IEEE.

    Salayma, M., Al-Dubai, A., Romdhani, I., Nasser, Y. (2016). Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN): A survey on reliability, fault tolerance, and technologies coexistence. ACM Computing Surveys, , (), .

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