Jamie Brogan

Affiliate Consultant

Jamie has delivered strategic advice on Information & Communications Technologies to Account Managed companies on behalf of Scottish Enterprise since 2003, helping to ensure that a series of partnership projects deliver value to customers by enabling business growth. By understanding first the ambitions and priorities of the business, and by challenging established perceptions about ICT and its role in business, he specialises in giving strategic direction to business owners and senior managers which ensures that:

·         Technology investment is aligned to business priorities

·         ICT is resourced in the most cost-effective and efficient way for the business

·         IT staff and resources deliver maximum value to the business

·         Technology enables process improvement across business functions

·         Managers get real-time business intelligence to inform decision-making

Jamie has worked with well over a hundred high-growth businesses on strategic, business-wide projects to streamline processes and improve reporting capability. These typically involve the replacement of all legacy systems.

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+44 (0)131 455 3211/07714 332082

Room 423
Craighouse Campus
Craighouse Road
EH10 5LG

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