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Professor Hazel Hall is Director of the Centre for Social Informatics in the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation at Edinburgh Napier University. Between 2009 and 2012 she led the implementation of the UK Library and Information Science Research Coalition.

Hazel's main research expertise and teaching interests lie in information sharing in online environments within the context of knowledge management. Other themes in which she maintains an active interest include social computing/media, online communities and collaboration, the education and training of information professionals, and library and information science research. She welcomes enquiries from potential PhD students who would like to undertake research in any of these areas. Please e-mail

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+44 (0)131 455 2760

Room C61
Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

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    Recent Projects

    ESRC Information Science pathway
    The ESRC Information Science Pathway is one of 24 accredited training pathways within the Scottish ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science (SGSSS). This is part of a £20 million investment in the UK's largest DTC, which awards 65 studentships to...
    Information Literacy for Democratic Engagement (IL-DEM)
    The findings of this research will contribute to strategies to improve citizen engagement in the democratic process at community level. Its main aims are: 1. To evaluate how Community Councillors (1) access and understand information on their duties and rights; (2) keep up to date with local...
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    PhD Project Involvement

    Lyndsey Jenkins (PhD 2015-)
    Enhancing the capacity for workplace learning and innovation in Scotland.
    John Mowbray (PhD 2014-)
    The impact of networking supported by social media on career management skills.
    Lynn Killick (PhD 2013-)
    An investigation into the population census as a tool for building the good society: policy, ethics and social informatics.
    Frances Ryan (PhD 2013-)
    Online reputation management in a digital world.
    Iris Buunk (PhD 2014-)
    Easier, faster, better? Evaluating to what extent social media facilitates tacit knowledge sharing practices between employees within organisations belonging to the public sector.
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    Leo Appleton (PhD 2013-)
    The value and impact of public libraries within the Information Society: their contribution to citizenship development. Leo Appleton's PhD research explores the impact of libraries on citizenship. He is based in the Centre for Social Informatics, where his Director of Studies is Professor Hazel Hall.
    Philip Penrose (PhD 2013-)
    Digital fragment classification and identification. Triage of large capacity digital devices
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    Recent Publications

    Killick, L., Duff, A., Hall, H., Deakin, M. (2016). Power to the Population? The Population Census under Review. In: (Ed.) ACTIS 2015, , () ( ed.). (pp. ). Japan: . IAFOR.

    Killick, L., Hall, H., Duff, A., Deakin, M. (2016). The census as an information source in public policy-making. Journal of Information Science, 42, (3), 386-395.

    Mowbray, J., Raeside, R., Hall, H., Robertson, P. (2016). Social networking sites and employment status: an investigation based on Understanding Society data. In: (Ed.) Proceedings of the 2nd International Data Information and Information Management Conference (IDIMC), , () ( ed.). (pp. 75-85). Loughborough: . LISU.

    Mowbray, J., Hall, H., Raeside, R., Robertson, P. (2016, June). The role of networking and social media tools during job search: an information behaviour perspective. Paper presented at Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS) 9, Uppsala University, Sweden.

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