Dr. Jan M. Auernhammer

Visiting Scholar, Center for Design Research, Stanford University

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Dr. Jan Auernhammer 

Associate at the Centre for Social Informatics:  http://www.iidi.napier.ac.uk/c/main/site/csi

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Email: j.auernhammer@napier.ac.uk 

Twitter: @JanAuernhammer 


Ph.D. in Innovation Management

Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker (FH) [Business information systems]

Honours B.Sc. in Computing.

Areas of Expertise
- Creativity and Innovation: Design thinking, individual and team creativity, organisational innovation capabilities, open innovation and co-creation

- Strategy and Operations: Organisational capabilities (mental, social, regulatory, technological), contextual influences in business processes

 - Organisational theory: Organisation as an entity, organisation as a process, organisation as self-reproducing systems (autopoiesis)

- System theory: Open system theory, complex and emergent systems and autopoietic organisation theory,

- Research methodology: Pragmatism, hard and soft system modelling, pattern analysis (pattern language), theory of space (production of space)

- Information technology management: System design and architecture, socio-technical systems (social informatics), business process management and business intelligence systems

Brief Biography

Dr. Jan Auernhammer is Lecturer at the Institute of System Science at National University of Singapore. His latest research activities are the investigation of creativity and innovation in organisations. He is external member of the Social Informatics research group. His main research interests are creativity and idea management, social network systems in organisations, organisational creativity, innovation capabilities, organisational systems and business development.

Jan developed in his Ph.D. (in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Cars and Trucks) a new model (Freiraum model), which supports producing the context in organisations in which individuals and teams can be creative and the overall organisations can establish innovative products, services, processes and business concepts (Business innovation).

The title of his thesis is: "Autopoietic organisation of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation - An case study of the automotive manufacturer Daimler AG."

In his past, he lectured at Edinburgh Napier business school and worked for DaimlerChrylser AG in Stuttgart, Germany (now Daimler AG and Chrysler LLC) and DaimlerChrysler South East Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore in several positions. In his time at DaimlerChrylser AG he was part of several teams including global product management, business development and IT management, which develop a global reporting system, e-commerce parts system, regional business intelligence system, regional marketing strategy and global quality system.

He developed and delivered several creativity and innovation seminars in organisations in different countries such as Germany, Sweden and UK. 

In his teaching, he incorporates creativity and design thinking principles to educate students to be able to create and develop solutions, prototypes and concepts to the context of the problem at hand. 


Selected publications

Auernhammer J. M. & Hall, H. (2014) Organizational culture in knowledge creation, creativity and innovation: Towards the Freiraum model, Journal of Information Science, 40 (2)

Auernhammer J. M. & Hall, H. (June 2013) New knowledge creation within manufacturing: a pattern analysis of behaviours and interactions that underpin knowledge creation and innovation in a large German automotive manufacturer, i3 Conference, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen 

Auernhammer J. M. (2010) The system of organisational learning and creativity to facilitate the innovative organisation, Edinburgh Napier University Business Research Conference (first price award)

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