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Auralisation Suite
The custom 24.4 channel 2.9 kW surround sound system can be used to auralise room acoustics, noise prediction and loudspeaker setups, in addition to location surround sound recordings, synthesised soundscapes and auditory displays.
ICE – Interactive Collaborative Environments
The ICE design philosophy is driven by the belief that collaborative environments must allow the free flow of ideas between people whilst maintaining a browsable history and formalisation of any process that takes place. 5 HD multitouch LCDs surround a custom designed 110" multitouch table which...
sa.FIRE : Secure Information Sharing
sa.FIRE has been designed to be a completely integrated platform for the creation of an information sharing policy and its review, modelling, implementation and auditing. Central to the core architecture principle within sa.FIRE is the SPoC (Single Point-of-Contact) which is a locked-down gateway...
Visual Analytics
Data is one of the most valuable assets a company has and the quantity of data is ever growing. However many companies fail to capitalise sufficiently on this asset. By presenting and interacting with this data using Visual Analytic approaches (the fusion of information visualisation and data...
Along with the green attentions and efforts on energy efficiency of computer hardware, software relevant sustainability issues are becoming increasingly focused, as a part of Green Information Technology (GIT). Undoubtedly, software evolution capability is a vital part in achieving such...
Optimised Routing, Scheduling & Packing
Some processes can be optimised effectively using simple techniques but most real-world problems can be very difficult or time-consuming to optimise, due to complex constraints and the sheer number of possibilities that need to be evaluated.
The Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET)
The Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) has emerged as a new technology to offer solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that aim at helping drivers on the roads by anticipating hazardous events or avoiding bad traffic areas.