News (Jessie Kennedy)

Professor Jessie Kennedy organises the 1st Annual Meeting of the BBSRC Biological Visualisation Network at Craiglockhart Campus.
The 1st BiViAnnual Meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about the BBSRC Biological Visualisation Network, hear from leading researchers in the field and participate in discussions regarding biological visualisation tools and challenges that face biologists understanding their data.
16/12/2014 - 17/12/2014, Craiglockhart Conference Organisation
Natalie Kerracher, won best short paper award at Eurovis 2014 for her paper: Kerracher, N., Kennedy, J., Chalmers, K. (2014). The Design Space of Temporal Graph Visualisation. In: Elmqvist, N., Hlawitschka, M., Kennedy, J. (Eds.) Proceedings of the 18th Eurographics Conference on Visualization...
01/08/2014 Award
Paul Shaw, part-time PhD student based in The James Hutton Institute in Dundee has won best paper award at BioVis 2014 for his paper: Shaw, P., Graham, M., Kennedy, J., Milne, I., Marshall, D. (2014). Helium: Visualization of Large Scale Plant Pedigrees. BMC Bioinformatics, 15, 259.
01/08/2014 Award
Biology is a visually grounded scientific discipline-from the way data is collected and analysed to the manner in which the results are communicated to others. Traditionally pictures in scientific publications were hand-drawn; however they are now almost exclusively computer-generated.
03/02/2014 Funding
The work of research teams within IIDI was showcased at a Facility Open Day for applicants. Within this the research work within the Institute spans areas such as user interaction (led by Prof David Benyon) and social informatics (led by Prof Hazel Hall) to the usage of optimization and...
06/10/2013 Other Event
Value of Visualization Talk by Distinguished SICSA Visiting Fellow Prof John Stasko of Georgia Tech
SICSA Distinguished Visitor Fellow Professor John Stasko, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Seminar: The Value of Visualization for Exploring and Understanding Data 16th July 2013 @ 3pm Room B2, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University, 10 Colinton Road,...
16/07/2013 3pm. Room B2, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier Seminar
Jessie Kennedy was invited to give a talk at the international symposium, 'Understanding Cancer Genomics through Information Visualization’ at Tokyo University.
Jessie Kennedy was invited to give a talk and a tutorial at the international symposium, 'Understanding Cancer Genomics through Information Visualization’ at Tokyo University. 'Understanding Cancer Genomics through Information Visualization’ is an international symposium focusing on how information...
18/03/2013 Friday 22nd February 2013, Tokyo University Invited Presentation
Prof. J Kennedy is General Co-Chair for BioVis a symposium of Vis a week long gathering of researchers in visualisation, including VAST, Vis and InfoVis.This year Vis will be held in Atlanta, USA from 13-18th October.
11/03/2013 Atlanta, USA from 13-18th October Conference Organisation
J Kennedy is co-organising a Dagstuhl Seminar on Biological Visualisation with other leading international researchers in the field: Carsten Görg (University of Colorado, US) Lawrence Hunter (University of Colorado, US) Jessie Kennedy (Edinburgh Napier University, GB) Sean O'Donoghue (CSIRO - North...
30/05/2012 Conference Organisation
Prof J Kennedy and Dr M Graham have been awarded a BBSRC grant in collaboration with the Global Biodiversity Information facility and Reading University entitled Visual Exploration of Species-referenced Repositories (VESpeR) to develop web-based visualisation tools for taxonomy.
29/05/2012 Funding
Prof. J Kennedy is General Co-Chair for BioVis a symposium of VisWeek a week long gathering of researchers in visualisation, including VAST, Vis and InfoVis.This year VisWeek will be held in Seattle, USA from 14-19th October.
29/05/2012 Conference Programme Committee
We are happy to announce the publication of the Highlights from the 1st IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization (BioVis 2011, in BMC Bioinformatics: The BioVis 2011 Highlights are a collection of papers...
18/05/2012 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
Professor Jessie Kennedy will give a keynote presentation entitled "A case study in Information Visualisation design" at the 16th International Conference Information Visualisation July 2012, Montpellier, France.
08/05/2012 12 July 2012, Montpellier, France Keynote Speaker
Information visualisation is an engaging topic and cool images can be a powerful lure with their use becoming widespread in presentations, websites, newspapers and analytical tools. However what makes an effective information visualisation?
02/05/2012 2pm, F29 Seminar
Jessie gave a tutorial with Cydney Neilsen and Martin Kryzwinski at VIZBI 2012 which was well received by the participants. Have a look at the tutorial material. VIZBI was held at the European Molecular Biology Lab in Heidleberg.
08/04/2012 EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany Other News
Prof. J Kennedy gave a Keynote talk at VIZBI 2012
Jessie gave a Keynote talk at VIZBI 2012 on User Centred Design in BioVis. A video of the talk will appear on the VIZBI site in due course.
08/04/2012 EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany Keynote Speaker
Prof. J Kennedy is a member of the panel to assess outline proposals to the BBSRC’s Bioinformatics and Biological Resources Fund 2011, 5/9/2011.
16/08/2011 Funding Panel
New Project - GamesAnalytics Ltd
IIDI & ERI (Employment Research Institute) have been successful in obtaining funding for a new collaborative project with GamesAnalytics Ltd supported by the SFC Innovation Voucher Scheme.
27/06/2011 Funding
J Kennedy will be giving a talk on integrating scientific data at the Genomics Network conference 'Making Sense of Large Datasets: Perspectives Across the Sciences' from 20-21st June 2011 at Exeter Univeristy.,24296,en.html
18/04/2011 Invited Presentation
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01/03/2011 Keynote Speaker
The BioVis 2011: Symposium on Biological Data Visualization takes place at VisWeek 2011 in Providence, RI, USA, October 23-24, 2011. The conference web site can be found at, with programme chairs and co-chairs listed at
24/02/2011 Conference Programme Committee
Jessie Kennedy is a member of the programme committee for EuroVis 2011.
Welcome to EuroVis 2011 EuroVis 2011 is the 13th annual Visualization Symposium jointly organized by the Eurographics Working Group on Data Visualization and the IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee. Bergen is Norway's second largest city and the main center of life and business on...
08/12/2010 Conference Programme Committee
J Kennedy is an Invited Plenary Speaker at BBSRC Challenges in Biological Visualisation Workshop, November 2010
This talk will review experiences of working with biologists to solve different biological data challenges using information visualization over the past ten years. The visualization techniques adopted or developed to address the issues and the insights that have arisen will be presented.
16/11/2010 Invited Presentation
Jessie Kennedy is a member of the EPSRC Challenging Engineering 2010 ICT short listing Panel 2010-11.
05/10/2010 Funding Panel
J. Kennedy is the Invited Keynote speaker at CDVE2010.
J. Kennedy is the Invited Keynote speaker at CDVE2010: The 7th International Conference on Cooperative Design Visualisation and Engineering, Mallorca, Sept 19-22, 2010.
07/09/2010 Invited Presentation
J Kennedy is participating in a Dagstuhl seminar on Information Visualisation
Information Visualization (InfoVis) focuses on the use of visualization techniques to help people understand and analyze data. While related fields such as Scientific Visualization involve the presentation of data that has some physical or geometric correspondence, Information Visualization centers...
14/06/2010 Invited Presentation
CSI hosted visit by Bavarian Parliament's Petitions committee
A group of parliamentarians and officials from Bavaria visited Scotland to compare experiences and lessons from the use of petitioning systems, online and offline. As part of the visit, CSI was invited to present the International Teledemocracy Centre's work in the design, development and...
11/05/2010 Invited Presentation
01/09/2009 External Examiner
The 24th British National Conference on Databases will take place 3-5 July, 2007 at the University of Glasgow. BNCOD24 Programme Chair: Jessie Kennedy
19/06/2007 Conference Programme Committee