News (Martin Graham)

Paul Shaw, part-time PhD student based in The James Hutton Institute in Dundee has won best paper award at BioVis 2014 for his paper: Shaw, P., Graham, M., Kennedy, J., Milne, I., Marshall, D. (2014). Helium: Visualization of Large Scale Plant Pedigrees. BMC Bioinformatics, 15, 259.
1st August 2014 Award
IIDI team help visualise community council locations
IIDI, represented by Peter Cruickshank and Dr Bruce Ryan, have won a contract with the Improvement Service to build a Community Council Location Finder website to allow users to search for nearby Community Councils, and learn which are currently functional.
12th February 2014 Funding
Prof J Kennedy and Dr M Graham have been awarded a BBSRC grant in collaboration with the Global Biodiversity Information facility and Reading University entitled Visual Exploration of Species-referenced Repositories (VESpeR) to develop web-based visualisation tools for taxonomy.
29th May 2012 Funding