News (Emma Hart)

Congratulations to the following SIG members who have the following papers accepted at upcoming international conferences: Alife 2016 (Cancun, Mexico) Simon Powers. The institutional approach for modeling the evolution of human societies EvoSTAR 2016 (Portugal), Springer: Ahmed Salah, Emma Hart and...
18/07/2016 Other News
The results from the recently finished FOCAS project were highlighted in the FET newsletter, released on 27/6/16. The news article highlighted the main outputs of the project which coordinated a network of researchers working in the field of Collective Adaptive Systems (CAS) including The Research...
27/06/2016 Media and Outreach Activity
A recent theme day (September 15th 2015) co-organised by the Operational Research Society (ORS) and EPSRC brought together OR academics, industrialists and representatives of the research councils to discuss the current health of OR research in the UK along with future challenges and opportunities.
20/06/2016 Policy Advisory Activity
Prof Emma Hart has been elected to be Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious journal Evolutionary Computation. This MIT Press journal was established in 1993. It has an impact factor of 3.6 and an h-index of 65. The journal placed 6th out of 105 in Computer Science, Theory & Methods and 13th out of...
20/06/2016 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
Congratulations to Eduardo Segredo, whose algorithm has won two prizes at the annual GENOPT competition While comparing results on benchmark functions is a widely used practice to demonstrate the competitiveness of global optimization algorithms, fixed benchmarks can lead to a negative data mining...
29/05/2016 Award
Congratulations to the following SIG members who have the following papers accepted at upcoming international conferences & journals Alife 2016 (Cancun, Mexico) Simon Powers. The institutional approach for modeling the evolution of human societies LION 2016 (Italy). Eduardo Segredo et al .
04/05/2016 Other Event
The FOCAS project was rated as Excellent at its final review, after running for three years. The project coordinator was Emma Hart, with Jennifer Willies as Project Manager. Some particular highlights from the report are given below: The main achievements of the project concern the innovative...
04/05/2016 Other News
The EU Coordination Action FOCAS was a 3 year project that started in 2013 to coordinate research in the field of Collective Adaptive Systems. The project was awarded a rating of Excellent at its final review in Brussels on April 19th.
21/04/2016 Brussels Other News
The School of Computing recently held a Research day where staff and PhD students shared their expertise in the form of a "One-Minute-Madness". Each of the 68 researchers who took part spoke for one minute using one slide on the subject of their research interests - and were chased off the stage...
18/01/2016 Other Event
The ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation is thriving ACM SIG with over 600 members. Prof. Hart has been invited to take over as EIC of the newsletter which is published quarterly and available online The newsletter is edited by Prof Hart.
23/11/2015 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
16/11/2015 University of Aberystwyth Invited Presentation
EURO 2016 is the premier European conference for Operational Research and Management Science (OR/MS) organized by EURO – the European Association of Operational Research Society and the Polish OR Society at Poznan University of Technology. Prof.
05/11/2015 Poznan, July 2016 Keynote Speaker
FoCAS ran a networking session called Perspectives on Collectives at the ICT conference on 20 October 2015 to standing room-only capacity. The aim was to present two research-informed scenarios to stimulate discussion on some benefits and perceived problems arising from collective adaptive systems.
05/11/2015 Lisbon Seminar
Wind is a major disturbance agent in forests and a key part of the dynamics of many forest ecosystems. In addition, the high levels of damage that can occur during storms have important economic and social impacts, particularly for managed forests..
30/10/2015 Archachon, France Invited Presentation
Prof. Hart was invited to talk on her work of Lifelong Learning at the 43rd CREST Open workshop on Hyper Heuristics For Software Engineering. Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) has proved extremely attractive to software engineers, because it handles messy conflicting multi-objective problems...
26/10/2015 UCL London Invited Presentation
The ACM Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO) is thriving ACM SIG with over 600 members, with around 50% of these from the USA and 26% from Europe. Prof. Hart was elected to the Executive Board following an election in which all members where eligible to vote, and...
19/06/2015 Award
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board SMART AGRICULTURE CONFERENCE The exchange of innovation and technology is essential for any industry to overcome current issues and adapt to face future challenges and opportunities.
30/04/2015 September 2015, Birmingham Invited Presentation
Prof. Emma Hart has been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for a period of 12 months to start in September 2015. The Fellowship will cover replacement costs while she conducts research on a project called Ensemble Methods for Optimisation The project is outlined below: ...
07/04/2015 Award
Prof. Emma Hart and Prof. Ben Paechter have been announced as the General Chair of PPSN 2016 - the 14th Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature. The PPSN conference series started in 1990 in Dortmund. Have a look at the history of PPSN.
23/01/2015 Conference Organisation
Prof. Emma Hart will co-chair a track of Real World Applications of optimisation with Dr Leonardo Trujillo (Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana Mexico) at GECCO 2015, to be held in Madrid. The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 2015) will present the latest high-quality results in...
27/11/2014 July 2015, Madrid Conference Organisation
Prof. Emma Hart has been invited to be Program Chair of IEEE SASO 2015, which will be held at MIT, USA. The aim of the Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing systems conference series (SASO) is to provide a forum for the foundations of a principled approach to engineering systems, networks and services...
29/09/2014 September 2015, MIT, USA Conference Organisation
Visiting PhD student Nicola Capodieci, along with supervisors Prof. Emma Hart from Edinburgh Napier University and Dr Giacomo Cabri from the Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy, won the best paper award as SASO 2014, the IEEE Self-Organising and Self-Adaptive Systems Conference in London.
18/09/2014 September 2014, London Award
Nicola Capodieci and Emma Hart have had a paper accepted at the IEEE conference on Self-Adapting and Self-Organising Systems, to be held at Imperial College London in September. Nicola is a PhD student who has recently been visiting CEC for a period of 6 months from the Unversitat di Modena e...
09/09/2014 London Invited Presentation
The FOCAS team will be running a 2nd workshop on Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems at the 8th IEEE Conference on Self-Organising and Self-Adaptive Systems, to be held in London in September 2014 and chaired by Emma Hart and Giacomo Cabri (Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia) Collective...
08/09/2014 London Other Event
The first panel discussion on Work Life Balance was held at GECCO 2014 in Vancouver in July. The panel consisted of a mixture of men and women at different stages in their careers, discussing strategies for managing work load, pressure and childcare in academia
13/07/2014 Other News
In July 2014 CEC and CISS merged to form CAVES.
27/06/2014 Other News
Prof. Hart discussed the latest findings from her EPSRC funded ROLL project in an invited seminar at the University of Stirling on 2nd May. Immune Inspired lifelong Learning Method for Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems.
02/05/2014 University of Stirling Seminar
Prof. Emma Hart was invited to speak at the University of Nottingham Computer Science Visiting Speaker Series where she spoke about some of the work being done on the EPSRC -funded ROLL project Title:A lifelong Learning Method for Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems Abstract The previous...
03/02/2014 29/1/14 Seminar
Prof. Emma Hart and Dr Neil Urquhart have won money from an internal funding competition to develop the software and infrastructure required to run an international competition in solving real-world optimisation problems. The work will be conducted in a joint project with the University of Stirling...
03/02/2014 1/2/14 Funding
Prof Hart has been appointed as an Associate Editor of Evolutionary Computation from January 2014. She is also an elected member of the Editorial Board.Evolutionary Computation is the leading journal in its field. It provides an international forum for facilitating and enhancing the exchange of...
10/01/2014 Editorship, Journal Reviewer
FoCAS Book: Adaptive Collective Systems - Herding Black Sheep
FoCAS partners at VU University Amsterdam have produced a book via the Booksprint method. You can read/download the book at the FoCAS website: This book is about understanding, designing, controlling, and governing adaptive collective systems.
17/12/2013 Media and Outreach Activity
The AWARENESS project has been coordinating European Research in the field of Self-Awareness in Autonomic Computing for three years. In it's final review by the European Commission, the project was graded at the top rating of Excellent.
18/11/2013 Other News
IIDI-SoC Tech-Talk F12 2pm-3pm Wednesday 30th October Title: Introducing… Skyscanner Labs Speaker: Crawford Tait, R& D Manager at Skyscanner Skyscanner needs innovative solutions just to continue providing billions of flight search result to millions of users today.
30/10/2013 2pm-3pm, F12, Merchiston Seminar
FoCAS networking event @ ICT 2013, Vilnius
FET EU Coordination Action FoCAS are hosting a networking event at ICT 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania on Thursday the 7th of November entitled: Multi-disciplinary approaches for smart, green and integrated transport. Underlying Horizon2020’s vision is the assumption that breakthrough solutions can...
25/10/2013 Other News
The Computer After Me - short documentary and website
Public Dissemination output for FET EU FP7 Coordination Action - Awareness: Self-awareness In Autonomic Systems. A 15 minute short documentary on the social impact of self-aware autonomous computing systems. A curated website, utilising content produced for the Awareness Initiative; lectures, video...
24/10/2013 Other News
Tech-Talk: Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre - Datacenter Operations, HPC Services and Placement Opportunities Abstract The Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh operates the current UK national High Performance Computing (HPC) Service, a Cray XE6 system called...
23/10/2013 F12 Seminar
Tech-Talk: Title: Pretending Dr Phil Turner, Edinburgh Napier University Abstract: We begin pretending very early in childhood and continue uninterrupted throughout adult life and technology in itself is able to bring this into sharp focus.
16/10/2013 2pm-3pm, F12, Merchiston Seminar
The work of research teams within IIDI was showcased at a Facility Open Day for applicants. Within this the research work within the Institute spans areas such as user interaction (led by Prof David Benyon) and social informatics (led by Prof Hazel Hall) to the usage of optimization and...
06/10/2013 Other Event
Roger Ashworth, Business Development Executive for the Institute for Informatics and Digitial Innovation will give an overview of some of the commercial work undertaken by the Institute, giving a flavour of what we commercialise and how we go about doing it.
02/10/2013 2pm-3pm, F12, Merchiston Seminar
Prof. Emma Hart to chair new track on Artificial Immune Systems at GECCO 2014, an ACM SIGEVO Conference.
Prof. Emma Hart, alongside Dr Christine Zarges from the University of Birmingham will chair a new track at GECCO 2014 in Vancouver, a recombination of the 23rd International Conference on Genetic Algorithms and the 19th Annual Genetic Programming Conference.
20/09/2013 Vancouver B.C, July 2014 Conference Organisation
Prof. Emma Hart and members from the Centre for Emergent Computing hosted a meeting for 25 researchers from Scottish Universities who are part of the SEABIS sub-group of the SICSA theme on Complex Systems Engineering. We were delighted to welcome Dr Bill Langdon from University College London who...
17/09/2013 Conference Organisation
Prof. Emma Hart, from the Centre for Emergent Computing has won Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funding to collaborate with a construction company. The project aims to accelerate the processing of structural designs using state-of-the-art computing/neural network techniques.
01/08/2013 Funding
Edinburgh Napier will host the 3rd Workshop of the SICSA sub-group SEABIS (Self-organising, emergent, autonomous, biologically inspired systems): The event is open to all researchers in Scottish Institutions. Registration is free, via the EventBrite site.
01/08/2013 17th September, 12.30-5pm, Tower Boardroom, Merchiston Other Event
Professors Emma Hart and Ben Paechter from the FOCAS project will run a workshop on the Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems at ECAL 2013, the 12th International Conference on Artificial Life in September 2013 in Taormina, Sicily.
25/03/2013 4/09/13 Conference Organisation
Prof Hart recently attend a prestigious Royal Society Frontiers of Science meeting in Kazan Russia, as part of an invited delegation of 35 UK scientists drawn from a range of scientific disciplines, ranging from astro-physics to micro-biology.
25/03/2013 Policy Advisory Activity
Members of Centre for Emergent Computing have been successful in having two papers accepted at GECCO 2013, the major international conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computing. Kevin Sim and Emma Hart will present work on generating cooperative heuristics for the 1-D Bin Packing Problem using...
25/03/2013 Other Event
Wednesday 20th March Tech-Talk: Imaging of the human retina for healthcare, Dr Jano Van Hemert, Optos Title: Imaging of the human retina for healthcare Dr Jano Van Hemert, Optos Abstract: The eye is often quoted as the window to the body. Many diseases affect the eye and especially the retina.
20/03/2013 2pm-3pm, H18 Seminar
Tech-Talk: 20th February 2013 Title: Cans, Cascades, Coral, Crucible and CrowdfundingProf David Corne, Heriot-Watt UniversityAbstract:Coral reefs embrace the planet and support the livelihoods of half a billion people, but they are threatened from several directions, and it tends to be an...
20/02/2013 H18, 2pm-3pm Seminar
(Note the unusual 3pm start for this talk and change of venue) The Future Internet As we begin the Internet of Everything (IoE) era, more attention is being focused on Metcalfe’s law—a.k.a., the “network effect”—to see if the same rules will apply.
13/02/2013 3pm-4pm, H10 Seminar
Professor Emma Hart has accepted an invitation from the Royal Society to join a delegation of UK scientists to participate in a UK-Russia Frontiers of Science Symposium. This will take place between 12th and 14th March 2013 in the Republic of Tartarstan.
06/02/2013 Policy Advisory Activity
Tech-Talk: Designing trajectories in a large-scale permanent augmented reality installationStuart Reeves (Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham) Abstract This talk describes a long-term naturalistic study that reveals how artists designed, visitors...
01/02/2013 2pm-3pm, H18 Seminar
Professor Emma Hart and researcher Kevin Sim have launched a new EPSRC-funded project. The work aims to develop state-of-the-art software to solves problems by learning from experience. A full article about the project can be found on the University News pages.
09/01/2013 Funding
Professor Hart has accepted an invitation to examine a PhD in the field of hyper-heuristics at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
09/01/2013 External Examiner
Professor Emma Hart and Kevin Sim are running a workshop on optimisation techniques at GECCO 2013. The conference, which takes place in Amsterdam between 6th and 10th July 2013, is the largest conference in the field of genetic and evolutionary optimisation.
09/01/2013 Conference Organisation
An Introduction to the Cloud Security Alliance and its EU FP7 Research Projects John Howie is Chief Operating Officer of the Cloud Security Alliance and a Visiting Professor at Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing The Cloud Security Alliance is a not-for-profit organization with a...
13/12/2012 2pm-3pm H5 Seminar
Talk tile: Stable Probabilistic Routing Schemes for High Mobility Ad hoc Networks Speaker: Mustafa Bani Khalaf, PhD Candidate, School of Computing In this talk, we investigate efficient strategies for supporting stable probabilistic route discovery in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs).
05/12/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Scholarly Communication and Neo-bibliometric Indicators of Impact Blaise Cronin Rudy Professor of Information Science, Indiana University Bloomington Scholars have an ever-expanding range of communication media and publication platforms at their disposal.
21/11/2012 F29: 2pm-3pm Seminar
Visible and productive: using social media effectively Prof. Hazel Hall Drawing on a range of examples, Hazel will outline how using social media can help you become more productive in your work and studies, for example in providing access to useful resources to support learning, and in raising the...
14/11/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Seminar
Building business – the TRUMP CaRd David Cairns David Cairns is currently Executive Chairman of PrismTech Group Limited. He has built a career in the technology sector over the last 30 years in the USA, Canada, continental Europe and the UK working for multinationals in top management roles as well...
07/11/2012 F29: 2pm-3pm Seminar
All staff and students welcome IIDI-SoC Tech-Talk Building Real-Time Interactive Simulations with Unity3D Chris Mann, Interface3/Tyger Face Games Chris Mann graduated from the School of Computing Games Engineering programme in 2012 and now is employed by Chris Mann, Interface3/Tyger Face Games.
24/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Seminar
Two fully-funded PhD studentships within the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation are currently advertised at One studentship will be offered to a student interested in completing research within any Centre of IIDI.
16/10/2012 Studentship
IIDI-SoC Tech Talk Measuring Fun Prof. Janet Read, University of Central Lancaster Building fun into an interface is not straightforward and the evaluation of the fun therein placed is a need if the designer is to be able to assess his or her success.
10/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Seminar
IIDI-SoC Tech-Talk: Engaging with Business and Society – Opportunities for Staff and Students Alistair Lawson SoC and IIDI staff, with the help of student developers, undertake a wide range of commercial work and contract research with organisations and companies outside of Edinburgh Napier.
03/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Other News
The new series of IIDI-SoC Tech Talks take place on Wednesdays at 2pm, in room F29, Edinburgh Napier Merchiston campus. All students and staff are warmly invited to attend. The programme for this semester is: · October 3rd : Engaging with Business and Society – Opportunities for Staff and Students...
02/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Other Event
2nd Awareness Workshop on Challenges for Achieving Self-awareness in Autonomic Systems To be held at IEEE SASO 2012, Lyon, France, 10th September, the Sixth IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems In conjunction with...
10/09/2012 Conference Organisation
PPSN 2012 ( accepted approximately 46% of submission in 2012. The Twelfth International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN XII) will be held in Taormina, Italy on 1-5 September 2012.
18/06/2012 Other News
The Awareness Summer School (AWASS 2012) will be held from June 10th -16th 2012 at Edinburgh Napier University Craighouse Campus (UK). The summer school will cover theoretical, practical, and technological issues related to autonomic self-awareness and its various facets.
10/06/2012 June 10th -16th 2012 at Edinburgh Napier University Craighouse Campus (UK) Conference Organisation
Information visualisation is an engaging topic and cool images can be a powerful lure with their use becoming widespread in presentations, websites, newspapers and analytical tools. However what makes an effective information visualisation?
02/05/2012 2pm, F29 Seminar
The AWARE project was delighted to present a talk by Professor Alan Winfield at the Edinburgh International Science Festival on 12th April. See a cartoonist's summary of the talk below! The Festival is one of...
12/04/2012 Media and Outreach Activity
Title: Cloud Computing: Be part of the next generation ... teaching and research in the Cloud Abstract: Cloud Computing is perhaps one of the most fundamental things that has happened in our industry for the last decade. It can provide many advantages within teaching and research, including...
21/03/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Miniatures and Murals: Portraits of a Discipline and its Adherents Blaise Cronin Rudy Professor of Information Science, Indiana University Bibliometric techniques are widely used to evaluate research performance, analyze patterns of intellectual interaction and map the evolution of disciplines.
14/03/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Crime and Punishment: studies in the evolution of co-operation Peter Ross, Emeritus Professor Edinburgh Napier University How did co-operative behaviour evolve? Darwin was perplexed; the notion of "survival of the fittest" seemed to suggest that it shouldn't, because...
29/02/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
The Awareness EU project presents a talk by Professor Alan Winfield at the Edinburgh International Science Festival
The Thinking Robot Press headlines frequently refer to robots that think like humans, have feelings, or even behave ethically, but are these simply sensationalist hype? The question of robot intelligence intrigues Professor Alan Winfield, Director of the Science Communication Unit at the University...
09/02/2012 April 12th 2012, National Museum of Scotland Other Event
Title: Public Engagement: Why, How and What's in it for Me? Ingi Helgason and Jessie Kennedy Universities and researchers are increasingly being encouraged to carry out public engagement activities. These activities are often included as specific work tasks within funded research projects.
08/02/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
The IEEE Evolutionary Computation Technical Committee (ECTC of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) promotes the research, development, and teaching of computational techniques that use...
02/02/2012 Award
Intellectual Property in Software Jim Adams Murgitroyd & Company Abstract Several different type of intellectual property apply to software, including copyright, patents, trade marks and trade secrets. An overview of the application of these to software will be given, with a focus on copyright...
20/01/2012 H18, 1pm-2pm Seminar
IIDI Seminar: Title: Making games in the classroom: benefits and gender concerns Speaker: Dr Judy Robertson, Heriot-Watt University Abstract: In this talk I will argue that making computer games as part of a classroom project can develop a range of new media storytelling, visual design and audience...
02/12/2011 1pm G32, Merchiston Seminar
Prof Hart has been invited to participate in a Royal Society International Scientific Seminar to be held at the Kalvi Royal Society International Center on Tuesday May 22nd and Wednesday May 23rd 2012. The focus of the seminar is on “bridging the gap between experimental and computational...
10/11/2011 Invited Presentation
The project finished on 31/06/11 and was evaluated as "Excellent: the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations" The reviewers commented: In summary, the project has done a great job during the third and final period as well as...
10/11/2011 Other News
SEABIS - Self-organising, emergent, autonomous,biologically inspired systems - is a sub-group of the SICSA research theme in Complex Systems Engineering
10/11/2011 Award
Colette Pemberton, Finance, Edinburgh Napier Unviersity This seminar will be an informal session, comprising of a 15-20 minute presentation, followed by questions. The seminar focuses on finding research funding, specifically targeted at the I.I.D.I. research community.
04/11/2011 Friday 1-2pm, Room G32, Merchiston Seminar
PPSN XII will showcase a wide range of topics in Natural Computing including, but not restricted to: Evolutionary Computation, Quantum Computation, Molecular Computation, Neural Computation, Artificial Life, Swarm Intelligence, Artificial Ant Systems, Artificial Immune Systems, Self-Organizing...
01/11/2011 Conference Programme Committee
Evolution in virtual worlds Dr Tim Taylor (Goldsmiths, University of London) Abstract According to the neo-Darwinist theory of evolution, the richness and complexity of biological life can be explained in terms of three fundamental processes: reproduction, heritable variation, and competition for...
28/10/2011 Seminar
Art-science: reflections on the interface between arts and sciences Dr Dave Murray-Rust, University of Edinburgh Abstract At present, there is a lot of interest in inter- and trans-disciplinary work between arts and sciences. Often, the impetus for this comes from the artistic sphere, as ways to...
14/10/2011 Seminar
Emma Hart appointed Technical Chair of Bionetics 2011, to be held in York, UK
Emma Hart has is to act as Technical Chair of Bionetics 2001, the 2011 International ICST Conference on Bio-Inspired Models of Network, Information and Computing Systems (BIONETICS 2011) to be held from December 5th to 7th (Monday - Wednesday), 2011.
19/05/2011 Conference Organisation
PerAda team run successful public engagement event at the Science Museum, London
The PerAda team hosted an science engagement event at the Dana Centre (part of the Science Museum, London) called: User Heaven or Techno Hell: Where are intelligent adaptive technologies taking us ? Hosted by science journalist Rebecca Mileham, author of Powering Up: are computer games changing our...
19/05/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
Is Pervasive Technology taking us to User Heaven or Techno Hell? Interactive Talk at the Dana Centre, Science Museum, London
A panel of experts including IIDI's Dr Oli Mival, got together in May to debate the impact of pervasive, adaptive computing. The talk, open to the public, was augmented by film footage of PerAda project researchers, and interactive voting technologies triggered audience discussion.
17/05/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
Talk: Emotion as Interface 19th April, 6pm ( £8 / £6 - includes a glass of wine and a chance to view the associated exhibition ) Professor Kevin Warwick Dr Jenny Tillotson Professor Nikola Serbedzija The new generation of computer systems are able to understand and alter our individual emotional...
19/04/2011 Media and Outreach Activity
This Pervasive Day Soon, wearable technology will mean that everyday items we carry on our bodies - phones, clothing and laptops - will be able to sense and alter our moods and make changes to our environments, with or without our knowledge.
19/04/2011 Exhibition
The European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2011 is the second instalment of a new forum dedicated to frontier research in information and communication technologies. fet11 is a unique conference on visionary, high-risk and long-term research in information science and technology.
30/03/2011 Other Event
PerAda are running an exhibition at FET 2011: Learning about pervasive adaptation through art and music Fancy yourself as the next Jackson Pollock? Want to find out how music - from Mozart to Meatloaf - can affect your mood? These are just two of the interactive games, videos and interactive...
30/03/2011 Exhibition ICARIS 2011 will be held at the University of Cambridge in July 2011 Artificial immune systems (AIS) is a diverse and maturing area of research that bridges the disciplines of immunology and engineering.
30/03/2011 Conference Programme Committee Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary undertaking that investigates the fundamental properties of living systems through the simulation and synthesis of biological entities and processes. It also attempts to design and build artificial systems that display properties of...
11/03/2011 Conference Programme Committee
Webpage: Event Registration: SEABIS MEETING: Self-organising, emergent, autonomous, biologically inspired systemsThe meetng runs from lunchtime to lunchtime, and includes lunch.
11/01/2011 Seminar
Emma Hart invited to be a member of the GECCO New 
Frontiers Track: Self-* Search programme committee
GECCO is the largest conference in the field of Genetic and Evolutionary Computing. In 2011, the event will be held in Dublin from 12-16 July
15/12/2010 Conference Programme Committee
The Awareness  team led by Edinburgh Napier University hold a 2-day kick-off meeting of the FET Proactive Initiative in Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems in Amsterdam
The Aware coordination action is a Coordination Action (CA), supporting 5 research projects under the FP7: FET Proactive Intiative: Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems (AWARENESS). The CA is a 3 year project: 2010 – 2013.
14/12/2010 Other Event
Emma Hart gave an invited lecture at the Latest Advances in Computer Science Lecture series, held at La Laguna University, Tenerife
The 11th edition of the seminar series Latest Advances in Computer Science was held from November 30th-Dec 3rd. See for further details. Emma Hart gave the following talk: Applications of Artificial Immune Systems The field of Artificial Immune Systems (AIS)...
10/12/2010 Invited Presentation
SICSA Demo Fest 2010
A software demonstration of vehicle routing based upon, emissions and other factors using state of the art Emergent Algorithms was presented at the 2010 SICSA Demo Fest.
10/11/2010 Exhibition
Chair of Workshop in Self-Organisation in Pervasive Adaptive Systems, at  IEEE SASO 2010, Budapest. 28th September 2010
Emma Hart and Ben Paechter chair workshop at the 4th IEEE conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organising Systems, Budapest, September 27-Oct 1, 2010
13/09/2010 Conference Organisation
Emma Hart to give invited lecture at the Latest Advances in Computer Sciences lecture series in Tenerife, Dec 2010 The objective of the 14th seminar in Lastest Advances in Computer Science (Últimos Avances en Informátia), is the training of the attendants in the most recent contributions of Computer Science from the experience, the exchange of ideas and the knowledge of...
01/09/2010 Invited Presentation
01/08/2009 Award