News (Seminar)

University Spin-out - Zonefox - Launches Ambitious Expansion Plans
Zonefox, a spin-out of The Cyber Academy within the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, offically launched their move into new offices in Edinburgh. They have moved from CodeBase into 40 Torphichen Street, which is based in the West East of Edinburgh - near Haymarket Station.
16/08/2017 Seminar
Professor To Provide a Vision of The Future: Through Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Zero Knowledge Proofs
The Cyber Academy team, lead by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, will present a future vision in the application of Blockchain at a meet-up in Edinburgh on Thursday 24 August 2017. Bill aims to showcase some of his latest work in the application of Ethereum and how Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Contracts can be...
07/07/2017 Seminar
A Perfect Storm: dealing with data security in a changing legal landscape
The Cyber Academy and MBM Commercial hosted a highly successful conference event, and which outlined some of the current issues of law and cyber security. The rise in use of mobile technology and cloud services has helped drive the ‘Big Data’ revolution, providing businesses with new data and new...
20/05/2017 Seminar
Professor to Present on Scammers and Cyber Security At Edinburgh International Science Festival
Professor Bill Buchanan, who leads The Cyber Academy, will outline some of his viewpoints on the methods that scammers use to trick people, and, along the way, will show some of the science behind Cyber Security. Along with this the audience will be introduced to Bob and Alice, and, unfortunately,...
06/04/2017 National Museum of Scotland Seminar
Professor Outlines The Risks Around Backdoors in Cryptography at Edinburgh International Science Festival
On 4 April 2017, Prof Bill Buchanan presented his viewpoints on the usage of surveillance and in the application of backdoors in cryptography. The event was hosted within Summerhall in Edinburgh, and was part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.
05/04/2017 Seminar
University puts engagement at the core of research, knowledge exchange and teaching
At Edinburgh Napier University, engagement with industry, communities and citizens is at the core of our work. To fully defined how best to set in place processes, people and purpose, the university hosted an event at the Craiglockhart Campus, and which was facilitated by a lead from the NCCPE...
28/01/2017 Seminar
Edinburgh Napier Frailty Work Showcased At Scottish Parliament
Edinburgh Napier University, through initial funding from Interface Online, have been engaging in a research project with CM2000, and which is partly funded by the Digital Health & care Institute (DHI). On 17 January 2017, CM2000, Edinburgh Napier University, the DHI and East Dunbartonshire...
18/01/2017 Seminar
Professor Aims To Show The Most Comprehensive Machine Learning Analysis of Health and Social Care in Scotland Ever!
Professor Bill Buchanan has been developing computer models which analysis billions and billions of interactions within health and social, and then fits machine learning models to these. His talk on Wednesday at Data in Health and Social Care conference will present the models which are the best...
02/10/2016 Seminar
The Cyber Academy Presents "The Magic of Cyber Security"
The Cyber Academy thinks that Cyber Security doesn't always have to be scary, and are hosting a fun and informative public engagement event on "The Magic of Cyber Security". It runs at 6:30pm on Thursday 8 Sept 2016 on the Craiglockhart Campus, and will contain "never been seen before" tricks in...
05/09/2016 Seminar
Crypto Researchers Showcased at IEEE SAI Computing Conference
The SAI conference aims to be the premier venue for researchers and industry practitioners to share new ideas, research results and development experiences in the areas of Computer Science, Electronics and Communication. This year the work of Greg Spyra was showcased in his research work on IBE...
22/08/2016 Seminar
Augusto Esteves was invited to deliver a seminar at the University of St. Andrews. The invitation was put forth by Dr. Miguel Nacenta of the St. Andrews HCI Research Group (SACHI), and will take place on the 20th of September, 2016.
13/06/2016 Seminar
PhD students present their work at the school of computing post-graduate research conference
This years post-graduate research conference will be held Wednesday (11th of May) on H-floor. Presentations and the keynote will be in H5, the poster session, breaks and the reception will be in H9. We are proud to welcome Dr Wendy Moncur from the University of Dundee as this years keynote speaker.
11/05/2016 H5 & H9 Merchiston Campus Seminar
Informing the Good Society Final Symposium
The concluding meeting of the InGSoc Project took place on Friday 15 April 2016. The one-day symposium, set in the august surroundings of Merchiston Tower boardroom (where John Napier invented logarithms), featured a range of speakers from academia, journalism and the blogosphere.
15/04/2016 Merchiston Seminar
Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) to provide Keynote Talk at Big Data in Cyber Security Conference
Stevie Wilson will provide a key talk at the International Conference on Big Data in Cyber Security on 10 May in Edinburgh. Steve is currently the Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), which supports activities around cybercrime investigations in EU Member States.
17/02/2016 Seminar
CAVES Researcher Dr Neil Urquhart is to organise and chair a workshop on Intelligent Transport at the Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN) conference. The workshop will examine the use of nature inspired computing problems to solve transportation problems.
06/01/2016 18/9/2016 Seminar
FoCAS ran a networking session called Perspectives on Collectives at the ICT conference on 20 October 2015 to standing room-only capacity. The aim was to present two research-informed scenarios to stimulate discussion on some benefits and perceived problems arising from collective adaptive systems.
05/11/2015 Lisbon Seminar
The Cyber Academy Hosts a Master Class on the Lastest Computer Vulnerabilities - Stagefright, Logjam, ...
Charley Celice in association with The Cyber Academy and ENUSEC is hosting a Master Class on the latest vulnerabilities on Tuesday 10 November 2015 in the Glass Room at Merchiston, Edinburgh Napier University from 1pm until 4pm.
25/10/2015 Seminar
On Thursday 16th July 2015 the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University is hosting a seminar led by Dr Brian Detlor on digital storytelling and libraries. Date: Thursday 16th July 2015Time: 14:00-15:00Venue: Room C19, Merchiston campus, Edinburgh Napier UniversityDigital...
29/06/2015 Thursday 16th July, 14:00-15:00n room C19, Merchiston campus Seminar
Values in the Information Society-Prof Steve Fuller Seminar
The sixth InGSoc-project public seminar, funded by the AHRC, took place on Friday 1 May 2015.Steve Fuller, Auguste Comte Professor of Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick, spoke at Edinburgh Napier University on 'The Place of Value in a World of Information'.
05/05/2015 1 May 2015 Seminar
Friday 15th May, 2pm-3pm, Room F12 Edinburgh Napier University Thinking about Interacting with Information in our Everyday Lives Professor Sheelagh Carpendale, University of Calgary Abstract While the catch phrase these days is ‘big data’ it is often...
05/05/2015 Friday 15th May, 2pm-3pm, Room F12, Merchiston Seminar
The Cyber Academy Presents ... Brave New World or Big Brother?
The public engagement event on Thursday 26 June at 7pm will examine the threats and opportunities within the Cyber Age. At its core is the debate around between the rights of privacy against the rights of society to detect threats, and in the growth of the devices which connect to the Internet.
03/05/2015 12/06/2015 7pm Seminar
Consulting on the Shoulders of Giants is a guest lecture from Andrew Kember, Cloudreach Limited Time: 10am Place: B2, Merchiston All invited
19/03/2015 10:00 B2 Seminar
Heartbleed, Sony and Lenovo : Anatomy of a Computer Vulnerability
Seminar: Wednesday 4th March 2015, 1pm, F10, Merchiston All invited. Title: Heartbleed, Sony and Lenovo : Anatomy of a Computer Vulnerability Abstract: This talk will outline the time lines involved in some of the most recent computer hacks, and showcase the issues involved.
04/03/2015 1pm, F10 Seminar
MSc Project & Programme Management (Practice Based) Workshop/Seminar Series: Benefits Management: A Free Half Day Workshop Based on the work of Ward, Jenner, Bradley and Thorp, this event provides a practical hands on workshop to help delegates get to grips with the basic concepts of Benefits...
26/02/2015 Merchiston B32 Wednesday 11th March 2015 1pm Seminar
The Battle-Line between Cyber Libertarians and Cyber Cops
OutlineDr. Barry Cartwright will present on the changing face of Canadian Cyber Laws on Thursday 19 June 2014 at 11am (room to be confirmed). Register to attend here. Abstract This presentation contemplates two recent legislative initiatives by the Canadian federal government—both intended to meet...
08/06/2014 - event: 19 June 2014 at 11:00 Seminar
FECCI Research Conference 2014
The faculty research conference will take place on Tuesday 13th May 2014 at the Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre, Craiglockhart Campus. Please register on eventbrite (for catering). Professor Annette Markham will deliver the keynote: Remix(ing) methods, remix(ing) disciplines: Provocations for...
13/05/2014 09:30, Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre, Craiglockhart Campus. Seminar
Faculty Research Conference 2014
Research students and staff from the 3 FECCI schools (SACI, SEBE and SOC) gathered on Tuesday for the annual faculty research conference. Professor Annette Markham delivered the keynote: Remix(ing) methods, remix(ing) disciplines: Provocations for grappling with complexity in digitally-saturated...
13/05/2014 Lindsay Stewart Lecture Theatre, Craiglockhart Campus Seminar
Prof. Hart discussed the latest findings from her EPSRC funded ROLL project in an invited seminar at the University of Stirling on 2nd May. Immune Inspired lifelong Learning Method for Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems.
02/05/2014 University of Stirling Seminar
University to host the first AWS User Group in Scotland
IntroductionWith the importance of Cloud technology to Scotland, both in the public and private sector, James Lucas (Cirrushq) and Edinburgh Napier University are setting up the first Scottish AWS (Amazon Web Services) User Group, with the initial gathering on Tuesday 27 May 2014 in the Glass Room...
26/04/2014 Seminar
The InGSoc's next Public Seminar will be on Friday 7 March 2014. It will feature a talk by blogger Lallands Peat Worrier on ‘The Blogger and His Estate’, followed by discussion. Location: Room D40, Merchiston Capus, 2pm-3pm, followed by tea and biscuits Please email your intention to come to Dr...
07/03/2014 2-3pm, Room D40, Merchiston Seminar
Seminar: Thinking outside the Internet: From DIY networking to interaction design. Panayotis Antoniadis, ETH Zurich
The potential of local DIY networks operating outside the public Internet is still an open and challenging problem in terms of technical feasibility, potential applications and usability, their connection to the physical space, and their social and political implications.
21/02/2014 15.00: room D40, Merchiston Seminar
Prof. Emma Hart was invited to speak at the University of Nottingham Computer Science Visiting Speaker Series where she spoke about some of the work being done on the EPSRC -funded ROLL project Title:A lifelong Learning Method for Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems Abstract The previous...
03/02/2014 29/1/14 Seminar
Rafe will give a presentation on Disrupting Malware Assisted Online Fraud in H.5 (Merchiston) at 9am on Tuesday 3 December 2013. All are invited. Rafe is a security researcher working for the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU).
02/12/2013 03/12/2013 H5 Seminar
Tech-Talk: Design By Contract Dr Kevin Chalmers As object-orientation has matured it has become the de facto standard for developing modern software. Object-orientation as it stands has its merits, enabling us to build larger systems than standard structural approaches did.
13/11/2013 F12, 2pm-3pm Seminar
The main presentation from this event is here. SICSA are organising a workshop on Horizon 2020 funding for academics and industry to equip themselves to take advantage of the huge funding opportunities that exist over the next six years.
07/11/2013 Seminar
IIDI-SoC Tech-Talk F12 2pm-3pm Wednesday 30th October Title: Introducing… Skyscanner Labs Speaker: Crawford Tait, R& D Manager at Skyscanner Skyscanner needs innovative solutions just to continue providing billions of flight search result to millions of users today.
30/10/2013 2pm-3pm, F12, Merchiston Seminar
InGSoc Seminar: Prof. Colin Tyler on 'T.H. Green and the Contemporary Common Good Society'
Professor Colin Tyler of Hull University will be delivering the first InGSoc (Informing the Good Society project) seminar on Friday 22 November. Prof. Tyler, one of the world’s leading authorities on British idealism, will address the question of T. H.
25/10/2013 November 22, 2pm, D40 Merchiston campus Seminar
Tech-Talk: Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre - Datacenter Operations, HPC Services and Placement Opportunities Abstract The Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) at the University of Edinburgh operates the current UK national High Performance Computing (HPC) Service, a Cray XE6 system called...
23/10/2013 F12 Seminar
Tech-Talk: Title: Pretending Dr Phil Turner, Edinburgh Napier University Abstract: We begin pretending very early in childhood and continue uninterrupted throughout adult life and technology in itself is able to bring this into sharp focus.
16/10/2013 2pm-3pm, F12, Merchiston Seminar
Roger Ashworth, Business Development Executive for the Institute for Informatics and Digitial Innovation will give an overview of some of the commercial work undertaken by the Institute, giving a flavour of what we commercialise and how we go about doing it.
02/10/2013 2pm-3pm, F12, Merchiston Seminar
Honorary Professor to talk on Insider Threat Detection, Authentication and Other Novel Applications of Computer Usage Data
On Tuesday 24 Sept at 9am in H.5, John Howie, Honorary Professor and Doctor of Computing, will present on: Insider Threat Detection, Authentication and Other Novel Applications of Computer Usage Data, Prof John Howie As users interact with computers and the applications installed on them a wealth...
23/09/2013 9am, H5 Seminar
Value of Visualization Talk by Distinguished SICSA Visiting Fellow Prof John Stasko of Georgia Tech
SICSA Distinguished Visitor Fellow Professor John Stasko, School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA Seminar: The Value of Visualization for Exploring and Understanding Data 16th July 2013 @ 3pm Room B2, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University, 10 Colinton Road,...
16/07/2013 3pm. Room B2, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier Seminar
As we move into an information age there are many opportunities to share and integrate data from many different sources, in order to provide holistic care. A key focus of this is the provision of pre-emptive diagnosis, which aims to predict illness and put in place care plans to improve the...
28/06/2013 Friday 28 June, 09:30, Merchiston Campus Seminar
Iain McGregor has been invited to present a lecture at the Sound Communication Seminars 2013 in Aalborg. The Danish Innovation Network for Market Communication (IMKF), Aalborg University and The Sound Communication Network present a series of seminars and lectures to strengthen the cooperation,...
04/06/2013 Aalborg University, Nordkraft, Teglgaards Torv, 9000 Aalborg Seminar
FECCI Research Student Conference
This year's all faculty student research conference features a welcome (09:30) from Professor Alistair Sambell (Vice Principal: Academic), a keynote, "Like Humans Do" (09:45) , from Riccardo Marini (Senior Consultant at Gehl Architects and City Design Leader at City of Edinburgh Council).
16/05/2013 Thursday 16th May, 09:30, Craiglockhart Campus Seminar
Federico Charoksy to present on the current state of the security industry in Scotland, and the possibilities for the future
Federico Charoksy, who is a Principal Consultant at ECS Security, will give a guest lecture in B.2 on Wednesday 24 April 2013 at 4pm on: The current state of the security industry in Scotland, and the possibilities for the future He will also be outlining current opportunities for graduates.
22/04/2013 24/04/2013, 4pm Seminar
Wednesday 20th March Tech-Talk: Imaging of the human retina for healthcare, Dr Jano Van Hemert, Optos Title: Imaging of the human retina for healthcare Dr Jano Van Hemert, Optos Abstract: The eye is often quoted as the window to the body. Many diseases affect the eye and especially the retina.
20/03/2013 2pm-3pm, H18 Seminar
Tech-Talk: 20th February 2013 Title: Cans, Cascades, Coral, Crucible and CrowdfundingProf David Corne, Heriot-Watt UniversityAbstract:Coral reefs embrace the planet and support the livelihoods of half a billion people, but they are threatened from several directions, and it tends to be an...
20/02/2013 H18, 2pm-3pm Seminar
(Note the unusual 3pm start for this talk and change of venue) The Future Internet As we begin the Internet of Everything (IoE) era, more attention is being focused on Metcalfe’s law—a.k.a., the “network effect”—to see if the same rules will apply.
13/02/2013 3pm-4pm, H10 Seminar
Tech-Talk: Designing trajectories in a large-scale permanent augmented reality installationStuart Reeves (Research Fellow at Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham) Abstract This talk describes a long-term naturalistic study that reveals how artists designed, visitors...
01/02/2013 2pm-3pm, H18 Seminar
On 10 January IIDI hosted the symposium Information security: governance and sharing in a digital age. The main focus of the Symposium was to investigate best practice within governance and information sharing infrastructures. It focused on cloud-based infrastructures and how these can be used to...
14/01/2013 Seminar
An Introduction to the Cloud Security Alliance and its EU FP7 Research Projects John Howie is Chief Operating Officer of the Cloud Security Alliance and a Visiting Professor at Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing The Cloud Security Alliance is a not-for-profit organization with a...
13/12/2012 2pm-3pm H5 Seminar
Talk tile: Stable Probabilistic Routing Schemes for High Mobility Ad hoc Networks Speaker: Mustafa Bani Khalaf, PhD Candidate, School of Computing In this talk, we investigate efficient strategies for supporting stable probabilistic route discovery in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs).
05/12/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Scholarly Communication and Neo-bibliometric Indicators of Impact Blaise Cronin Rudy Professor of Information Science, Indiana University Bloomington Scholars have an ever-expanding range of communication media and publication platforms at their disposal.
21/11/2012 F29: 2pm-3pm Seminar
Visible and productive: using social media effectively Prof. Hazel Hall Drawing on a range of examples, Hazel will outline how using social media can help you become more productive in your work and studies, for example in providing access to useful resources to support learning, and in raising the...
14/11/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Seminar
Building business – the TRUMP CaRd David Cairns David Cairns is currently Executive Chairman of PrismTech Group Limited. He has built a career in the technology sector over the last 30 years in the USA, Canada, continental Europe and the UK working for multinationals in top management roles as well...
07/11/2012 F29: 2pm-3pm Seminar
All staff and students welcome IIDI-SoC Tech-Talk Building Real-Time Interactive Simulations with Unity3D Chris Mann, Interface3/Tyger Face Games Chris Mann graduated from the School of Computing Games Engineering programme in 2012 and now is employed by Chris Mann, Interface3/Tyger Face Games.
24/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Seminar
IIDI-SoC Tech Talk Measuring Fun Prof. Janet Read, University of Central Lancaster Building fun into an interface is not straightforward and the evaluation of the fun therein placed is a need if the designer is to be able to assess his or her success.
10/10/2012 F29, 2pm-3pm Seminar
On-line version: As we move into an information age, we are all becoming increasing dependent on the Internet in our social and business lives. A fundamental part of this change is the need for information infrastructures which are secure, robust and scaleable.
17/09/2012 Seminar
Scotland’s Digital Security and Cybercrime Staff Skills Shortage: Addressing the Issues
Outline[Flyer] This symposium aims to bring together businesses, public sector organisations and education providers, to discuss the upskilling of the Scottish workforce in the face of new and emerging threats around digital security and cybercrime.
28/06/2012 17:15 Seminar
On Interdisciplinary Research: Green Computing and Communication Workshop 24th May (10:30 to 4:00) B2-School of Computing, Merchiston We are organising a workshop on sustainability and green computing/communications. The workshop covers a wide range of topics, including green IT, green buildings...
24/05/2012 10:00 to 16:00 Seminar
Information visualisation is an engaging topic and cool images can be a powerful lure with their use becoming widespread in presentations, websites, newspapers and analytical tools. However what makes an effective information visualisation?
02/05/2012 2pm, F29 Seminar
Title: Cloud Computing: Be part of the next generation ... teaching and research in the Cloud Abstract: Cloud Computing is perhaps one of the most fundamental things that has happened in our industry for the last decade. It can provide many advantages within teaching and research, including...
21/03/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Social Information Research Professor Gunilla Widén, Information, Studies, Åbo Akademi University, Finland Information that we receive from one another and create together within our social networks is becoming increasingly important in our everyday and professional lives.
16/03/2012 2pm-3pm, D40 Seminar
Miniatures and Murals: Portraits of a Discipline and its Adherents Blaise Cronin Rudy Professor of Information Science, Indiana University Bibliometric techniques are widely used to evaluate research performance, analyze patterns of intellectual interaction and map the evolution of disciplines.
14/03/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Crime and Punishment: studies in the evolution of co-operation Peter Ross, Emeritus Professor Edinburgh Napier University How did co-operative behaviour evolve? Darwin was perplexed; the notion of "survival of the fittest" seemed to suggest that it shouldn't, because...
29/02/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Major e-Health Symposium to showcase new e-Health Platform (cloud4health)
The Symposium will run on 17 May 2012. It aims to present some of the research and best practice around next generation health care infrastructures, and how they could be used to bring benefits to all the stakeholders involved.
19/02/2012 17/05/2012 Craiglockhart Seminar
Title: Public Engagement: Why, How and What's in it for Me? Ingi Helgason and Jessie Kennedy Universities and researchers are increasingly being encouraged to carry out public engagement activities. These activities are often included as specific work tasks within funded research projects.
08/02/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Title: Cloud and Security – how to utilise the cloud to better protect yourself. Presented by: Tabassum Sharif, Director Of Operations, Flexiant Ltd Place: H.5, 10am, Thursday 9 Feb 2012. Bio: [Here] Interoperability-IaaS market perspective The aggregation of currently autonomous Cloud systems in...
05/02/2012 H.5, 10am, 09/02/2012 Seminar
Guest Lecture: David Stubley, 7Elements Title: Security Testing - Be Careful what you ask for… Date/Time: 10am, Tuesday 7 Feb 2012, B.2 (Merchiston) Abstract: We need to have a common language to communicate effectively and this is no different within Information Security.
02/02/2012 07/02/2012 Seminar
Title: HTML5 - an overview Speaker: Dr Robert Kukla The HTML5 standard is still under development but recent browsers are already supporting an increasing subset of the standard that aims to be ratified in 2014. This Seminar looks at the new features of HTML5 and what makes it attractive to web...
01/02/2012 2pm-3pm, F29 Seminar
Guest Lecture: David Stubley, 7Elements Title: Security Testing - Be Careful what you ask for… Date/Time: 10am, Tuesday 7 Feb 2012, B.2 (Merchiston) Abstract: We need to have a common language to communicate effectively and this is no different within Information Security.
01/02/2012 07/02/2012 Seminar
Intellectual Property in Software Jim Adams Murgitroyd & Company Abstract Several different type of intellectual property apply to software, including copyright, patents, trade marks and trade secrets. An overview of the application of these to software will be given, with a focus on copyright...
20/01/2012 H18, 1pm-2pm Seminar
Green IT and the Design of Energy Aware Networks Abstract: While in 2007 ICT already accounted for 2% of the world's Carbon Imprint, similar to the impact of air travel on CO2 emissions, in 2020 the total CO2 emissions are expected to attain 1.43 Billion Tonnes, growing at an annual rate of 4%.
05/12/2011 8th December, 2pm, H5 Seminar
IIDI Seminar: Title: Making games in the classroom: benefits and gender concerns Speaker: Dr Judy Robertson, Heriot-Watt University Abstract: In this talk I will argue that making computer games as part of a classroom project can develop a range of new media storytelling, visual design and audience...
02/12/2011 1pm G32, Merchiston Seminar
There are many issues related to health care infrastructure within the UK, including the lack of integration of data between the different parts of the health and social care system, and around an aging population. This presentation outlines a new Cloud-based e-Health platform which integrates new...
25/11/2011 1pm G32, Merchiston Seminar
David Benyon will speak about EU Funding opportunities in the remaining 2 years of the Framework 7 Programme.
18/11/2011 1pm, G32 Seminar
Abstract: As disk sizes increase, typically to many hundreds of Gigabytes or even Tera bytes, the time taken to analyse disks has increased to almost unmanageable levels. There is thus a need for disk triage in order to sample within disk blocks.
16/11/2011 F.27, 11am Seminar
Colette Pemberton, Finance, Edinburgh Napier Unviersity This seminar will be an informal session, comprising of a 15-20 minute presentation, followed by questions. The seminar focuses on finding research funding, specifically targeted at the I.I.D.I. research community.
04/11/2011 Friday 1-2pm, Room G32, Merchiston Seminar
Major Cyber-crime Symposium in December Outline: A wide range of speakers, including Charlie McMurdie, Head of Police Central e-Crime Unit at the Met, and Sir Kevin Tebbit, Chairman of Finmeccanica UK, are to give presentations at a Symposium on Security Risk, Cybercrime and Critical...
30/10/2011 9am, Craiglockhart Campus Seminar
Evolution in virtual worlds Dr Tim Taylor (Goldsmiths, University of London) Abstract According to the neo-Darwinist theory of evolution, the richness and complexity of biological life can be explained in terms of three fundamental processes: reproduction, heritable variation, and competition for...
28/10/2011 Seminar
ISPR2011 the International Conference on Presence research will take place at Edinburgh Napier University's Craighouse campus 26 - 28 October 2011. The final programme is now available Highlights of the conference include invited...
26/10/2011 All day, Craighouse Campus Seminar
Abstract Creativity and innovation are very important capabilities within an organisation for sustainability, profitable growth and business success. Creativity and innovation in organisations are complex capacities containing many interrelating determinant factors.
26/10/2011 1pm - 2pm, Room 2/47, Craiglockhart Seminar
IIDI host research skills workshop: DREaM's 2nd event
The AHRC-funded DREaM project is developing a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers. This includes 5 events, bringing LIS researchers together to expand their research. The launch event, “Out of the comfort zone” took place at the British Library Conference...
25/10/2011 Craighouse Seminar
Art-science: reflections on the interface between arts and sciences Dr Dave Murray-Rust, University of Edinburgh Abstract At present, there is a lot of interest in inter- and trans-disciplinary work between arts and sciences. Often, the impetus for this comes from the artistic sphere, as ways to...
14/10/2011 Seminar
On Wednesday 26 October 2011, 1pm - 2pm, Room 2/47, Craiglockhart Jan Auernhammer, who is jointly supervised by CSI staff in IIDI and the Business School, will give a presentation based on his PhD research as part of the 2011 ERI seminar series.
10/10/2011 1pm - 2pm, Room 2/47, Craiglockhart Seminar
This will run on 6 December 2011. The main focus for the Symposium is to engage a wide range of domains to collaborate effectively, and to understand current and future threats to our citizens and society. The event is free, and is intended to increase the collaboration of organizations around...
09/10/2011 Seminar
Speakers: Dr Aileen Wood, Innovation Manager support for IIDI Dr Sharon McGettrick, Business Development support for IIDI This seminar is targeted at highlighting support for commercial activities within IIDI, and how to obtain funding.
07/10/2011 Seminar
04/10/2011 Seminar
Symposium on the Future of e-Health
Health Care in the UK is facing many issues, especially related to the lack of standardization of data infrastructures, and from the increased demands of an aging population. In the future, systems thus need to be created in a way that are much more patient centric, and which allow for patients to...
26/09/2011 Seminar
Critical Design :: Is it just designers doing ethnography or does it offer something more for Interaction Design? Panel at Interact 2011, Lisbon
More information about the Panel This panel will explore whether Critical Design offers new insight as a method for articulating future interactions. Will its promise deliver or are Interaction Designers destined to experience the same feeling of disappointment that HCI practitioners felt after the...
07/09/2011 Seminar
Emilia Sobolewska presented her doctoral work at the Doctoral Consortium in association with the BCS Interactions annual conference.
31/07/2011 Seminar
For designers, attempting to respond to unknown design spaces can be a daunting task. This paper describes a series of workshops that presented rapid ethnographic design methods in city streets as a way of exploring human behaviours, and recording their traces.
07/07/2011 Seminar
Oli Mival presented work on multi-touch displays at the the Interactive Experience event in association with the annual BCS Interactions conference, Newcastle.
06/07/2011 Seminar
In a team effort, Tom McEwan, as chair of BCS Interaction SG and speakers Bill Buchanan and Niladri Bose welcome top information security professionals to discuss the interface between humans and computer security. Amongst the attendees Prof Jim Norton, president of BCS, The Chartered Institute for...
28/06/2011 Seminar
12:00 in room C18 Informal Wednesday seminar (bring your lunch) All staff and students welcome
04/05/2011 Seminar
12:00 in room C18 Informal Wednesday seminar (bring your lunch) All staff and students welcome
20/04/2011 Seminar
CSI research seminar: Jan Auernhammer and Valeri Wiegel, PhD students at the CSI,  present their doctoral research  - 3pm - D40 - Merchiston Campus
The Centre for Social Informatics warmly welcomes all staff and students to attend at its next research seminar at which the PhD students Jan Auernhammer and Valeri Wiegel present their doctoral research. Both research undertakings are set in the domain of the automotive industry.
15/04/2011 Seminar
12:00 in room D20 Informal Wednesday seminar (bring your lunch) All staff and students welcome
06/04/2011 Seminar
Webpage: Event Registration: SEABIS MEETING: Self-organising, emergent, autonomous, biologically inspired systemsThe meetng runs from lunchtime to lunchtime, and includes lunch.
11/01/2011 Seminar