Professor To Provide a Vision of The Future: Through Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Zero Knowledge Proofs


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The Cyber Academy team, lead by Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, will present a future vision in the application of Blockchain at a meet-up in Edinburgh on Thursday 24 August 2017.

Bill aims to showcase some of his latest work in the application of Ethereum and how Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Contracts can be used to revolutionise areas such as health and social care.

Presently the team are working on a number of Blockchain projects, including one funded by The Data Labs, and in collaboration with Spiritus. Other health care related work are also in progress. The Cyber Academy has been researching into a range of novel cryptography methods, including the application of Shamir Secret Shares, and in side channel attacks on encryption.

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William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759
Electronic information now plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our daily lives. So the need for a secure and trustworthy online infrastructure is more important than ever. without it, not only the growth of the internet but our personal interactions and the economy itself could be at risk.