Professor to present Invited Talk on Internet Security at Maria Grzegorzewska University


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Professor Bill Buchanan will present, on 18 May 2017, an invited talk on Internet Security at Maria Grzegorzewska University (here) in Warsaw, Poland.

Edinburgh Napier University has a proud history of collaborating with universities in Poland, and many Polish students now study within Edinburgh. The presentation follows up a keynote presentation that Bill made at IEEE e-Health 2016 in Munich, and around the areas of Cyber Security education.

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William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759
Electronic information now plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our daily lives. So the need for a secure and trustworthy online infrastructure is more important than ever. without it, not only the growth of the internet but our personal interactions and the economy itself could be at risk.