University Spin-out - Zonefox - Included in Examples of World-class Innovation in Scotland


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Zonefox, one of the three successful spin-outs from The Cyber Academy within the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University, has been identified as one of five examples of World-class Innovation in Scotland.

The list was published in The Scotsman, and compiled by SDI. Overall the importance of universities in creating high impact spin-outs is highlighted with three university spin-outs: Zonefox, MindMate and Pure Lifi, alongside Aridhia and Touch Bionics.

An outline of the article is:

"Fintech, LiFi and AI are the new buzzwords of business innovation, and Scottish entrepreneurs are speaking that language. Innovation is at the very heart of the Scottish psyche – whether it’s Alexander Graham Bell with the telephone, John Logie Baird with the mechanical television or Sir Robert Watson­Watt with radar, Scots have changed the way we live our lives through their inventions.

Scotland’s creative streak isn’t confined to the 19th or 20th centuries though – Scots continue to come up with innovations and inventions across a broad range of sectors, from life sciences and oil and gas through to big data and financial technology or “fintech”.

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