Higher German - With Natural Langauge Speech Processing - Goes Live on the Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone


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Real-time Speech Processor

After the release of N5 Spanish,  N5 French, and N5 German, the collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University now sees the roll-out of a natural language speech processor for Higher German.

Within the site the German text is translated in real-time using Cloud-based processors, and which produce an audio replication of the text as rendered by a native German speaker:


The site has proven a great success, with over 50,000 registered users and over one million test questions being taken.


The collaboration has now produced Web material for 20 N5 books and 15 Higher books. With Maths, for example, the site has an on-line calculator which guides students through every element of the syllabus.

The collaboration has been through several phases, each showcasing the drive for the partners to make an impact on the core foundation of education in Scotland, and to be inclusive for every learning.

Overall the site is free to register and use, and engages with pupils, teachers and parents. The main site is here.

The site has been designed to make use of a Cloud-based architecture, and uses MVC (Model - View - Controller) for its Web design.
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William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
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