Researcher Shortlisted for Best New Cyber Talent at National Cyber Awards


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Charley Celice has been shortlisted for Best New Cyber Talent at National Cyber Awards. He is currently undertaking PhD work, and his supervisors are Prof Bill Buchanan and Richard Macfarlane.

A strive for excellence

Charley has won many awards, such as a Class Medal and the Sas Cipher Challenge for Cipher Student of the Year in 2014, and this year he also won the Edinburgh Napier University Student of the Year. One of Charley’s key contributions has been in being the main driver for Edinburgh Napier University winning the University Cipher Challenge 2015, and which was assessed by GCHQ.  He has also created a range of novel Capture The Flag challenges.

Charley's work

His work has included:

  • Benefit of the activity to other students. In virtually every area, within research, public engagement, teaching and training, Charley provides a solid foundation of activity within The Cyber Academy. This includes running the Edinburgh Napier Security Society, setting up invited industry talks, integrating into research projects, and in developed a range of innovative Capture The Flag (CTF) initiatives for the highly successful Cyber Security Insight Camp, and at the Big Data in Cyber Security conference. He also is involved in engaging with local schools around IT4U.
  • Novelty of contribution. He has a range of contributions including winning the UK University Cipher Prize, and in the creation of two unique Capture The Flag (CTF) activities at recent conferences. His research is also breaking new ground in the investigation of side-channel attacks on embedded systems, and which has received praise from the industry partner (Keysight). His also created a novel CTF for a Crypto conference in Sept 2016.
  • Cyber Security Engagement. He was the winner of the Edinburgh Napier Student of the Year, along with featuring in the BBC Panorama programme on Cyber Security, which he has since developed further for training programmes that we now have industry support for. His research work is in malware analysis, and Charley, this year, developed 0.5 of a module for an MSc module running on a GCHQ-certified programme, and which all runs within a virtualised and isolated environment. This supported both campus-based and distance students. He also created a novel CTF for the Cyber Security Insight Camp.
  • Cipher cracking. Charley’s key contribution has been in being the main driver for Edinburgh Napier University winning the University Cipher Challenge 2015, and which was assessed by GCHQ.  The University Cipher Challenge involves universities creating their own ciphers, and then other universities trying to crack them. It is open to every university in the UK, and Edinburgh Napier University has been a finalist in each year, but this year we won the competition, cracking more cipher codes than any other university. He was a runner-up in the Tripwire VERT challenge  and runs many Masterclasses in Cyber Security.
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Associated people

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
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Richard Macfarlane
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Charley Celice
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