Masterclass in Data Analysis, Presentation and Machine Learning in Health, Crime and Social Care


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In collaboration with Hutchinson Networks, this training course provides an outline of data analysis in health, crime and social care. It aims to cover the key data analysis areas of capture, analysis and presentation, with full coverage of how advanced analytics can be used to cover data into useful information.

Masterclass scope

Using Python, Pandas, Plotly and Machine Learning, it will contain a wide range of datasets which are analysed for the presentation of evidence. This includes the usage of charting method and make sense of large-scale datasets.

Along with the masterclass shows how machine learning can be used to train computers to learn complex relationships. While the focus will be on health, crime and social care, it is relevant to anyone who wants to learn about data analysis and presentation.

Key features

Key features:

  • Personalised Cloud-based training environment which will stay active for several weeks after the masterclass, allowing you to continue your training a personalised environment.
  • Coverage of the statistical methods used within correlation and linear registration.
  • Coverage of the processing required to coverage data into interactive charts, including scatter plots, coloured dot plots, and bubble plots.
  • Coverage of a range of real-life machine learning methods.
  • Group work and hands-on tutorials on the creation of findings within real-life datasets.
  • An Edinburgh Napier University/The Cyber Academy certificate for successful completion of the Masterclass.
  • Full on-line tutorials, videos and on-line tests.
  • Presented by Prof Bill Buchanan, an international expert within areas of data analysis of cyber security, and health and social care.


Date: 10-5pm, 29 November 2016

Cost: £150 (ex VAT). Tea/coffee provided.

Place: Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh

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Associated people

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759
Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
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