Advancement of Bretagne/Scotland Collaboration Around Cyber Security


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The Cyber Academy team met, in a meeting hosted and arranged by SDI Scotland, with a number of senior officials related Cyber Security innovation within Bretange, in order to discuss collaborations around innovation and research within Cyber Security.

Well matched

Both Bretange (Brittany) and Scotland are well matched in terms of Cyber Security, and both have a strong innovation infrastructure with a vibrant range of SMEs which are advancing their work.

Within The Cyber Academy, there has been a range of innovation and research activities, including three successful spin-outs, and the creation of vSoC (Virtual Security Operations Centre).

In photo: Martin Beaton (PwC), Adrian Smales (The Cyber Academy), Bill Buchanan (The Cyber Academy) and Alison Punnett (Edinburgh Napier University).

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Associated people

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759
Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
+44 131 455
Electronic information now plays a vital role in almost every aspect of our daily lives. So the need for a secure and trustworthy online infrastructure is more important than ever. without it, not only the growth of the internet but our personal interactions and the economy itself could be at risk.