Professor Outlines Leading Research Within Health and Social Care with Large-scale Impact, in Keynote Talk


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On 16 Sept 2016, Prof Bill Buchanan gave a keynote presentation at the IEEE Healthcom 2016 conference in Munich, Germany.

As part of this he outlined the core research work which informed the development of an advanced trust and governance framework, and which allows for the creation of information sharing policies. A key advancement is that the citizen has rights to modify the access rights of data related to them.

After research work in collaboration with Prof Christoph Thummmler and Dr Lu Fan, the work has since advanced to a highly successful spin-out company, and which is currently integrated over 7,000 health and social care entities in London. The work received research funding for a PhD studentship from SIPR, and was also funded by Innovate UK and Scottish Enterprise.

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William Buchanan
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