The Cyber Academy Showcases Crypto Key Leakage and a Quantum World


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The Cyber Academy aims to showcase some of the smartest and most disruptive research around, and on 21 Sept 2016 it hosts some international leaders in the world of cryptography.

You can come and see live by registering here, or watch live (URL will be confirmed soon), or watch on The Cyber Academy channel.

The two major presentations are by Prof Alan Woodward, and Dr Owen/Doug Carson/Charley Celice. Along with this, the event will also include a Crypto CTF (more details to follow).

Looking at state-of-the-art

Professor Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey, will look at how conventional computing has developed in its power and the limitations that we are rapidly approaching.

One answer to the limitations of silicon based conventional computing is the development of quantum computers. In this he aims to introduce the basic quantum physical principles behind quantum computers, and talk about some of the candidate technologies that are competing for the crown.

Along with this he'll provide a a gentle introduction to a specific quantum algorithm (Shor’s algorithm) and explain why it has some profound implications for the current, most popular encryption schemes that we all rely upon daily.

Side channel attacks

Dr Owen Lo, Doug Carson (from Keysight) and Charley Celice then aim to finish the conference by outlining the methods of monitoring devices for their electrical power drain and radio emissions, in order to determine both the classifications of the encryption method and the encryption key.

It will provide practical demonstration of cracking cryptography from monitoring things like the electrical power drain, the radio wave emission, and from monitoring input/output ports, such as from the audio port.

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