Professor Outlines Some Answers to Two Major Questions in Computing


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Prof Bill Buchanan, who leads The Cyber Academy, has analysed data from GCSEs in England/Wales, and N5/Higher/Advanced Highers in Scotland in order to understand if we ...  "Are We Really Creating A Coding Generation?"

In this he poses three main questions:

  1. Can we get more kids to code?
  2. Can we address the gender balance in Computing?
  3. Do our politicians and leaders really know what they are doing when it comes to generating skills for the Digital economy?

and where he uses data to analyse the first two, and leaves it to the reader to answer the third one.

Within his LinkedIn post he outlines how poorly Computing is doing at schools across the UK, and is only the 13th most popular subject in Scotland, and this falls to 25th in England/Wales.

This is highlighted by a 25% drop in Computing teachers in Scotland over the last five years, and where many schools have now dropped the subject completely.

Perhaps one of the most shocking findings is that more than eight in ten of the pupils studying Computing for GCSEs are male.

Continually he proposes that everyone should make up their own minds on any evidence that can be gained from the analysis.

If you want to make up your own mind on the data he presents, go here:

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