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Edinburgh Napier University researchers have hit the one million mark for readers on The Conversation, and which includes 106 articles across 41 authors and within many different subject disciplines.

The Conversation was launch in Australia in 2011, and with an aim to become an independent source of news and viewpoints. Its articles are sourced within academia and targeted on the general public.

Overall they provide expert journalists who work with academics, in order to improve the standards in creating engaging articles, and thus to maximise the impact of the related work.

The articles are free to access, share and can be republished through a Creative Common licence.

Some articles

Some of the top articles published by Edinburgh Napier academics include:

  • Mystery in northern Scotland that is baffling multiple sclerosis experts, Graham Wright. Here.
  • For sporting greats, knowing when to quit is the hardest challenge of all, Tony Westbury. Here.
  • The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood, Peter Wilson. Here.
  • Spy-cam rhinos to take on poachers with devices hidden in their horns, Jason Gilchrist. Here.
  • Oracle vs Google case threatens foundations of software design, Bill Buchanan. Here.
  • Bird flu is back, but should we be worried?, Peter Barlow. Here.
  • Do animals feel pain like we do?, Andrea Nolan. Here.
  • Designers are seizing Wall Street – but can they improve your life?, Peter Buwert. Here.
  • Ashley Madison breach reveals the rise of the moralist hacker, Bill Buchanan. Here.
  • How shrimp farming wreaked havoc on Sri Lanka's coasts, Mark Huxham. Here.

Increasing focus on public engagement

Edinburgh Napier University has a vibrant public engagement culture, with a full-time public engagement officer and a Professorial lead, along with an active programme around outreach and public engagement.

The increasing required for public engagement is highlighted in Lord Nicholas Stern's report on the most recent research assessment (related to the Research excellence framework 2014 - REF 2014). In this  he outlines that research needs:

a much greater impact on the general public

So the general public will be increasingly become involved in discussions around new discoveries, new methods to improve health and social care, increased economic developments, changes in policies, and so on.
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