Paper and poster acceptances at ISIC 2016 for Centre for Social Informatics research students and staff


The work of four research students from the Centre for Social Informatics has been accepted for Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) 2016, which takes place in Zadar, Croatia 20-23 September 2016. They are Iris Buunk, Lyndsey Jenkins, John Mowbray, and Frances Ryan.

Lyndsey and John are presenting posters on their doctoral work. Iris is delivering a short paper entitled Tacit knowledge sharing and social media: the determination of a methodological approach to explore the intangible (co-authors Hazel Hall and Colin Smith). Frances will give a full paper Managing and evaluating personal reputations on the basis of information shared on social media: a Generation X perspective (co-authors Peter Cruickshank, Hazel Hall and Alistair Lawson). All four students are also participating in the conference's doctoral workshop.

For further information about the conference and these submissions, please see the post on Hazel Hall's blog.
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Associated people

Iris Buunk
Research student
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Hazel Hall
Director of CSI
+44 131 455 2760
Alistair Lawson
Associate Professor (Reader)
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Frances Ryan
Research student
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Peter Cruickshank
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Lyndsey Jenkins
Research student
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John Mowbray
Research Student
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Colin F Smith
Senior Lecturer
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