Cyber Security Development Day for Girls

14/06/2016 Merchiston

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The Cyber Academy hosted a fun day out for 100 school girls from across Scotland, getting an insight to a career in cyber security.

Females are hugely under-represented at all levels within the cyber security industry, but it’s a sector that offers a wide range of exciting opportunities that women would really excel in. In a recent report by (ISC)2 it is estimated there will be a global shortfall of 1.5 million security professionals by 2019, so the career opportunities are certainly there. The lack of women in Cyber is something that the UK government, the university and industry are keen to address.

The ‘Girls in Cyber’ Development Day aimed to inspire a new generation of young women into cyber security roles.

As well as listening to 4 inspirational female speakers, talking about their career paths which led them into IT and security, the girls also took part in three different styles of hands on activities in the JKCC. It did not end on the day, instead the girls were encouraged to take part in a national competition through schools.cyber.outreach@GCHQ.GSI.GOV.UK

The feedback from the girls and their teachers was very positive.  I really enjoyed myself.  I demonstrated how much information I could find out about my dad and his business when I got home.”


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