More success for CAVES members with publications at international conferences and in leading journals


Congratulations to the following SIG members who have the following papers accepted at upcoming international conferences & journals

Alife 2016  (Cancun, Mexico)  Simon Powers. The institutional approach for modeling the evolution of human societies

LION 2016 (Italy). Eduardo Segredo et al . Hybridisation of Evolutionary Algorithms through Hyper-heuristics for Global Continuous Optimisation

Evolutionary Computation (MIT Press): Emma Hart & Kevin Sim, A Hyper-Heuristic Ensemble Method for Static Job-shop Scheduling

Caves staff will be busy this summer - the papers below are all being presented at international conferences too!

EvoSTAR 2016 (Portugal), Springer: Ahmed Salah, Emma Hart and Kevin Sim: Validating the Grid Diversity Operator: an Infusion Technique for Diversity Maintenance in Population-based Optimisation Algorithms

GECCO 2016 (Denver, USA), ACM:  Kevin Sim and Emma Hart: "A Combined Generative and Selective Hyper-heuristic for the Vehicle Routing Problem 

WCCI 2016 (Vancouver, Canada), IEEE: Eduardo Segredo, Ben Paechter and Emma Hart.  A Hybrid Parameter Control Approach Applied to a Diversity-based Multi-objective Memetic Algorithm for Frequency Assignment Problems

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Simon T. Powers
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Bio-inspired Computing
The Bio-Inspired Algorithms group within the Centre for Algorithms, Visualisation and Evolving Systems is a large and thriving group with interests in nature-inspired computing that include Evolutionary Computing, Hyper-Heuristics, Artificial Immune Systems and Swarm Intelligence.