Security Team Discover New Distributed Denial of Service Amplification Attack


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The research team within The Cyber Academy at Edinburgh Napier University have discovered a trivial path for DDoS amplification attacks.

The following outlines the details from The Register:

Improperly configured services such as DNS or Network Time Protocol (NTP) have been exploited to launch a string of DDoS attacks over the last couple of years.

Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University have discovered that the TFTP protocol (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) might be abused in a similar way.

Unlike DNS and NTP, TFTP has no business being exposed on internet-facing systems. Yet port scanning research indicated that there about 599,600 publicly open TFTP servers.

That’s bad in itself but the situation gets worse: the researchers discovered that TFTP offers a higher amplification factor than other internet protocols.

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