The Cyber Academy Hosts Two New PhD Studentships in Cloud Security


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The School of Computing and The Cyber Academy have an industry funded PhD studentship, along with an internally funded one, which look at the future of Cloud-based systems.

The two main topics are:
  • Topic: Advanced Cloud-based Security  Architectures for Large-Scale Outage and Data Loss Protection. This industry-funded PhD is partially funded by Payfont and aims to create secure and robust data infrastructures which are robust in terms of large-scale failures and data loss.  The work will apply into large-scale processing infrastructures such as in financial payment and into health care, and use methods such as privacy preserving technical, multi-party computation, anonymous credentials and verifiable voting to protect data at its source, while supporting break-glass methods on a critical incident.
  • Topic: Privacy, Security and Disaster Recovery Within Cloud-based Infrastructures. As we become more reliant on cloud-based systems, there are still many issues especially related to privacy of data and in recovering from disaster situations. This PhD will examine block chain and novel cryptography methods in order to create distributed data architectures which are secure and which can be used to recover data when faced with large-scale Cloud failure.

The closing date is 14 Jan 2016, and informal requests can be made to Prof Bill Buchanan ( and Dr Lu Fan (

Applications here:

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Associated people

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759
Lu Fan
Senior Research Fellow
+44 131 455 2438
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