Impact of SME/Academia Collaboration Increases By The Day for Bright Red Publishing


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The impact of the collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University increases by the day with over 35,000 registered users who have taken over 1 million test questions.

In Professor Buchanan's blog on LinkedIn he quotes:

"I thought I'd update this post to keep you up-to-date on how SMEs can fully engage with universities around innovation, and how it can create large scale impact not only for the company, but also into society.

I don't understand how it happens ... as I'm a Professor of Computing and not one in business ... but I just love when a small company takes on the might of large companies ... and wins. For the public sector and with large companies ... you can throw money at things, but it doesn't mean that it will stick!

Enterprise and innovation is in the heads of the people involved, and not in the processes and procedures that companies setup. Without the drive, focus and determination to succeed, projects will often fail. For SMEs picking their partners is key to that success, as there is no way that can invest in all the skills required. For them, they often have to stick to what they do best, and collaborate around all the other things. Large companies will often recruit and think they can "buy-in" the right skills.

So there is one thing that no country can put a value on ... the education of their children. Like it or not, education is not a fair system and children from lower incomes will generally have fewer opportunities ... so the collaboration between ourselves and Bright Red Publishing is overcoming this problem ... but providing a free resource for virtually every subject taught at N5 and Higher level in Scotland. Quite a feat for a small company ... to provide a completely free on-line environment ... in a way that the public sector or other large companies have failed to do.

So I give you the amazing and gutsy little company ... Bright Red Publishing! They now have over 35,000 registered users, and who have take over 1 million test questions. And it's free and inclusive to all! To have the chance to be involved in this innovation, and to help in the education of our kids, is a dream for an academic.

For us, we didn't go into this collaboration for our own benefit, as could see clear benefits for the improvement of on-line education for our children ... as there are some terrible examples out there. But the benefits for us now are clear, including being asked to give keynote speeches at Teacher Conferences and in bidding for other innovation projects. At our heart is the improvement of education, though, and this on-going project is best opportunity ever for us to make a contribution to our most important asset ... our future generation!"

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