Results of first ever workforce mapping survey of the UK information professions launched


On 24 November 2015, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and the Archives and Records Association (ARA) launched a report containing the results of a survey of workers in the UK information sectors. The report is the output of the work of a team that comprised members from the Centre for Social Informatics (Professor Hazel Hall, Christine Irving and Dr Bruce Ryan) and the Employment Research Institute (Professor Robert RaesideDr Tao Chen and Dr Matthew Dutton).

The survey’s coverage makes it the most robust and comprehensive of its kind ever undertaken in the UK.

Key findings

Among a number of headline findings, the survey revealed that:

  • despite having a predominantly female workforce, at 78.1%, male workers typically earn more than women, and are nearly twice as likely to occupy senior management roles than their female counterparts;

  • The workforce has lower ethnic diversity than the national UK Labour Force Survey statistic, with 96.7% of workers identifying as ‘white’, almost 10% above the national workforce average;

  • The sector has is an ageing pool of workers, with the highest proportion (at 55·3%)in the 45-to-55 age band;

  • The workforce is highly qualified, with over two thirds holding postgraduate qualifications and most having professional qualifications as well as membership of a relevant professional body. At the same time, average wages in the sector are around the same as the UK average as a whole.

For further information about the survey and the project, please see the post on Professor Hazel Hall's web site at
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Associated people

Hazel Hall
Director of CSI
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Bruce Ryan
Research Associate
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Robert Raeside
Professor (Affiliate to IIDI)
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Mapping the workforce: library, archives, records, information, and knowledge management professions in the UK
This project was commissioned in 2014 by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and the Archives and Records Association (ARA). The findings are being used by the client organisations (1) to better understand and monitor trends related to the workforce in the UK...