The Cyber Academy Wins Major Project Funding For Next Generation Security Operations Centre for Training


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The Cyber Academy will receive over £200K in research funding to build a next generation Virtual Security Operations Centre (vSoC) for training. The research grant involves over £160K of direct funding (from grants and industry funding), with the addition of other resources for technical support.

This new funding will build on the current EU-funded DFET project, which has project partners in Slovenia and Sweden. In the next few weeks there will be an announcement of the full details of what is being built and on the grant, including industrial funders.

The aim is to build one of the most advanced training infrastructures for Security Operation Centers, with real-life devices, tools and packages, such as with state-of-the-art SIEM solutions, such as HP ArcSight, RSA Security Analytics and Splunk.

The team also hope to team up with a local company to integrate SDN (Software Defined Network) which will support the vSoC in a new data centre in London, and which will run in parallel with our Edinburgh-based one.

The vSoC training will initially be rolled-out to a number of collaboration agencies, including Police Scotland, SBRC and the Scottish Government, and also to train the increasing numbers of graduates working with SoCs.

Plans are also underway to roll out the training infrastructure across academic departments across Europe (and the US).

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