Prof. Emma Hart gives invited talk at INRA Workshop on the Mathematical Modelling of the Risk of Wind Damage to Forests

30/10/2015 Archachon, France

Wind is a major disturbance agent in forests and a key part of the dynamics of many forest ecosystems. In addition, the high levels of damage that can occur during storms have important economic and social impacts, particularly for managed forests.. To understand the influence of wind damage on forest ecosystems or to manage forests in order to mitigate the risk of wind damage, it is necessary to have methods for predicting the levels of damage at different wind speeds and the risk of such wind speed occurrence.

The workshop took place in Arcachon (near Bordeaux, France) and brought together forest wind risk modellers from around the world along with experts in subjects required to improve the models (e.g. meso-scale airflow modellers, wind climate scientists, risk analysis engineers, etc.), but who have to date not always been actively involved in forest wind damage risk modelling. 

 The planned outputs of the workshop are:

  1. 1:  A report providing recommendations for the future of forest wind damage modelling, with a list of available tools/model and data, together with a discussion of the most appropriate methodologies for different temporal and spatial scales. The report will also contain an assessment of barriers to the development of new mechanistic modelling approaches and the major gaps in our knowledge.

  2. 2:  A review article on methods for modelling forest wind risk, from the single tree to national scale, for submission to Environmental Modelling and Software

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