Prof Emma Hart gives invited talk at the 43rd CREST Open Workshop at UCL

26/10/2015 UCL London

Prof. Hart was invited to talk on her work of Lifelong Learning at the 43rd CREST Open workshop on Hyper Heuristics For Software Engineering.

Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) has proved extremely attractive to software engineers, because it handles messy conflicting multi-objective problems and copes well with noise and with partial and contradictory information. Although SBSE has proved very widely applicable and generalisable, many software engineers now find themselves bewildered by the enormous variety of potential computational search algorithms available to them. For many software engineering problems, generalist algorithms that perform acceptably well (across a wide range of problem instances) would be considerably preferable to a set of specific algorithms, each of which has to be carefully selected and tuned to the particular problem in hand, even if such careful tuning could outperform the generalist. Hyper-heuristics offer such a generalist solution, able to learn and adapt to the problem in hand, and therefore they have become increasingly attractive to software engineers. This workshop will bring together researchers working on hyper-heuristics and SBSE, seeking to stimulate wider and deeper collaboration, and to map out an agenda for Hyper-Heuristic Software Engineering. Funding for the workshop is provided by the EPSRC project DAASE (

Slides and video from the workshop will be available here
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Emma Hart
Director of CEC
+44 131 455 2783
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