IET Christmas Lectures to feature The Internet of Everything


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This year’s IET Christmas lectures are focusing on the Internet of Everything and will run in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Inverness. The dates are:

  • Inverness. 1 Dec 2015.
  • Dundee. 4 Dec 2015 (Gardyne Theatre).
  • Glasgow. 8 Dec 2015 (iMax Theatre, Glasgow Science Centre).
  • Edinburgh. 11 Dec 2015 (Craiglockhart Campus).

The lectures are open to everyone, and teachers can book tickets in blocks for their classes.


This presentation will showcase the vast range of systems and devices which can connect to the Internet. It aims to totally immerse the audience in the possibility of the Cyber World and how it is changing our lives. Along with this it will outline a range of emerging technologies which will bring benefits to many areas of our lives including health care and education. With these great benefits, though, there are also threats, and some of these will be presented through a range of practical demonstrations.

Overall the key aim of the presentation is to present this new age in a fun and informative way, and engage the audience into understanding the opportunities of the Cyber Age [poster].

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The IET Christmas Lectures

The Christmas Lectures are designed to excite the public around an aspect of STEM and inspire people about the possibilities of a career in engineering, technology and computing. They also offer universities an opportunity for outreach work and public engagement.


Prof Bill Buchanan is a Fellow of the IET, and leads The Cyber Academy. He regularly appears on TV and radio, and has published 27 academic books and over 250 research papers. Along with this he has received many awards for innovation and has helped support two spin-out companies.

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