The Cyber Academy to host major international conference on Big Data in Cyber Security


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The Cyber Academy continues to expand with many companies commiting to its integration, including for event sponsorship, PhD studentships, lab sponsorship, research funding, and many other things.

As part of the event programme, on 10 May 2016, The Cyber Academy are hosting a major international event with HP on Big Data in Cyber Security, and which will integrate leaders and best practice from industry, academia, the public sector and law enforcement.


The world is moving towards Big Data, and Cyber Security is one of leading applications of this, where events are tracked across a network infrastructure. Along with this the threats to organisations increase by the day, and many organisations have moved towards the integration of SIEM (Secure Incident and Event Management) to detect malicous activity.

This event is hosted by The Cyber Academy, in collaboration with HP and ISACA, and aims to investigate best practice within industry and look to future infrastructures of Big Data for the benefit of organisations in not only monitoring security events, but also in the automated generation of auditing information and business analytics.

The application of SIEM is now being applied in many areas including with security monitoring, incident response and Cyber Crime investigation, and the event aims to showcase best practice in industry and in investigations.

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