Professor to give opening keynote at Cyber Security Conference on the future of The Cyber Academy


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Prof Bill Buchanan will give the opening keynote for the 8th international conference on Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training (CFET) on 3 September 2015 at Canterbury University.

His presentation will outline the development of The Cyber Academy, including the integration of research, teaching and innovation within a collaborative infrastructure. It will showcase the work done within an existing EU funded project: DFET, and how this has created a virtualised environment for cyber security and digital forensics training.

Along with this the presentation will present the results on the usage of the virtualized environment within training and academic studies, and how this Cloud-based infrastructure could be scaled across Europe.

Overall it will showcase that a core objective is to share expertise and resources, while developing an educational framework which measures levels of achievement from both an academic and professional point-of-view.

Many academic centres of excellence, law enforcement agencies and industry partners are joining The Cyber Academy each week, and a major announcement will soon outline some major funding initiatives.

More details on The Cyber Academy are here.

Bill is also providing a keynote at Computing, IT and Digital Media Conference 2015, Monday 15 June 2015, Forth Valley College (Stirling Campus). Programme here.

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William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
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Dynamic Forensics Evaluation and Training (DFET)
Dynamic Forensics Evaluation and Training (DFET) will create new training methods/techniques to support judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and associated stakeholders in the fight against cybercrime through the development of a virtual (cloud-based) cybercrime training environment to...
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