Michael Smyth was an invited speaker at the Smarter Communities: Fulfilling Scotland’s Digital Potential event in Glasgow.

24/03/2015 Glasgow

Holyrood’s Smarter Communities: Fulfilling Scotland’s digital potential conference will bring together leading experts from Scotland’s vibrant digital industries to explore how Scotland’s smart communities are developing. We will go beyond Scotland’s cities to explore international efforts and discover what the future holds for “smart communities.” 

Integrating digital technology into our communities is a challenge for all levels of government. Book now and join the discussion as Scotland moves toward a smarter future.

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Michael Smyth
Associate Professor
+44 131 455 2733
The UrbanIxD Cordination Action project will define and consolidate a coherent research community working in the domain of technologically augmented, data-rich urban environments; with particular focus on the human activities, experiences and behaviours