CSI research students score six paper acceptances at major Information Science conference


The Centre for Social Informatics will have a strong presence at Information, Interactions and Impact: i3 2015 next month following the acceptance of six papers to be presented by five research students at the conference. The papers are:

  1. How can information literacy be modelled from a lifelong learning perspective? by Christine Irving, Alison Brettle and Hazel Hall.
  2. The role of the census in public policy-making: information practices of policy makers by Lynn Killick, Alistair Duff, Mark Deakin and Hazel Hall.
  3. Could social networking online help NEET young people gain employment? by John MowbrayHazel Hall and Robert Raeside.
  4. The impact of community grassroots campaigns on public library closures in the UK by John Mowbray and Hazel Hall
  5. A KM implementation as management innovation: the impact of an agent of change by Louise Rasmussen and Hazel Hall.
  6. Assessing the available and accessible evidence: how personal reputations are determined and managed online by Frances Ryan, Peter Cruickshank, Hazel Hall and Alistair Lawson.
i3 is an international conference, held on a biennial basis in the UK. It  brings together an international community of academic and practitioner researchers to explore the quality and effectiveness of the interactions between people and information, and how such interactions can bring about change. This year it takes place at the Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University from Tuesday June 23rd to Friday June 26th.

For further information about the conference and the contributions listed above, please see the post on Hazel Hall's blog.
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Peter Cruickshank
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Hazel Hall
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Alistair Lawson
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Robert Raeside
Professor (Affiliate to IIDI)
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Frances Ryan
Research student
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Mark Deakin
Professor (Affiliate to CSI)
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Lynn Killick
Research student
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John Mowbray
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Louise Rasmussen
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