The Cyber Academy Presents ... Brave New World or Big Brother?

03/05/2015 12/06/2015 7pm

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The public engagement event on Thursday 26 June at 7pm will examine the threats and opportunities within the Cyber Age. At its core is the debate around between the rights of privacy against the rights of society to detect threats, and in the growth of the devices which connect to the Internet.

It will use a wide range of fun and interesting demonstrations to showcase the opportunities and threats within this Age, including parallels of modern day surveillance and the usage of intelligent devices, from visionary writers such as George Orwell, Ray Bradbury, and others, along with movies such as 2001: Space Oddity.

Included in the demonstrations will be an examination of the risks around the embedded systems which connect to the Internet, including for home control systems, IP cameras, health care sensors, intelligent car networks, and even children's toys.

Through-out there will be fun demonstrations and audience interaction, using a range of devices and objects, including live demonstrations around the vulnerabilities within mobile devices and the Internet of Things. These demonstrators will also show the threats there are related to our increasing digital shadow and within flaws within our current implementation of security on the Internet: PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

In the end, we hope your will either be enthused by the opportunities of this new age, or be ready to get into a time machine that send you back to a time before the creation of the Internet.

Either way, you'll learn something new about this amazing age ... The Cyber Age!

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