Professor to Present on Advanced Persistent Threat at Computer World UK/Fortinet Event

14/04/2015 14/05/2015, 9am, London

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The current generations of threats against enterprise networks are more targeted, more persistent and more sophisticated than ever. Sony, eBay and JP Morgan are among the biggest names to fall victim in the last 12 months.

The result is that massive amounts of personal data have been stolen in recent years and are now available to cybercriminals. This causes distress to consumers facing fraudulent charges and compromised cards, and enormous financial and reputational damage to the organisations that are hacked.

To secure the future IT professionals need to be as sophisticated as the attacks they face and focus on prevention, detection and mitigation.

Details of event

This half-day ComputerworldUK conference, produced in association with Fortinet, will include presentations from:

  • Mike Simons, Editor, ComputerWorld UK Introduction to Advanced Threat Security. Mike Simons outlines the next generation of threats and shares his view on the security landscape as it stands today. 
  • Bill Buchanan, Professor in the School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University. It's all Hackable. With an increase in the range and mobility of devices which connect to the network, there are now so many opportunities for intruders to compromise systems. Leading with the recent Sony hack, Bill explores the pitfalls of their defences and how they impacted the business.
  • Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection: A strategic approach against an increasingly sophisticated threat. Fortinet focus on the need to gather a wide range of complementary technology to form an effective, proactive and reactive defence framework. A defence that will evolve as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

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Director of CDCS
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