Open Data Edinburgh: from gender-neutral barbers to open government


Open Knowledge Scotland met at the Glassroom on Thursday 26th March, mixing short informative talks with networking. The talks, listed below, are described in this blog post. For more information about the Open knowledge Scotland, go to #OpenDataEDB or @okfnscot
  • Alistair Lawson: forthcoming work-based MSc in Data Science
  • Gregor Boyd (Scottish Government Analytical Services): Opening up our Official Statistics
  • Sally Kerr (Edinburgh Council): A Year with Open Data
  • Jac Kaye: short hair don't care!
  • Jonah McLachlan: Opening up University Data
  • Alan Gardner: Code4Europe  
  • Olivia Gill (SEPA): The Scotland Environment Web hackathon
  • Leah Lockhart (Scottish Government Digital Engagement): Transparency in Government
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