New work on project success factors in information systems development from researchers in the Centre for Social Informatics


Dr Robert Irvine and Professor Hazel Hall have recently completed a critical evaluation of the literature on success factors in information systems projects, with a particular focus on organisational information systems development

Entitled 'Factors, frameworks and theory: a review of the information systems literature on success factors in project management', this work has been accepted for publication by Information Research and will be published later in the year. In the meantime the PDF manuscript of the paper is available from Hall's personal web site, and from IIDI.

Irvine and Hall identify four broad research themes in their analysis of the literature: (1) the identification and exploration of project success factors and success factor lists; (2) contributions of individual/group project success factors to project success (or failure); (3) causal interactions between individual/groups of project success factors and simulations of these; and (4) project success factor frameworks. The authors highlight opportunities for advancing knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of information systems project organisation, with particular reference to success factors and project success. They argue  in their paper that contributions from those who offer expertise in the sociotechnical analysis of systems implementations would be especially welcomed.

This work is an extension of the research that Irvine undertook for his PhD, which he completed in 2013.
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