FarrPoint appoints award-winning graduate for research colloboration


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FarrPoint appoints award-winning graduate for security research programme with Edinburgh Napier University

Technology consultancy FarrPoint, has appointed graduate, Alexandre Alberet, as a research associate. Alexandre will work on the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) FarrPoint runs with Edinburgh Napier University, which will see them explore new ways of identifying cyber security threats as part of a two-year research programme.

With the support of Edinburgh Napier University, who are academic sponsors of the project, FarrPoint will work closely with Alexandre as they research the potential for computer programmes to identify potential threats. The findings will allow FarrPoint to give clients a brand-new and unique perspective on cyber security matters.

Originally from Switzerland, Alexandre graduated this year from Napier University with an MSc (Distinction) in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics. Alexandre also holds a BEng (Hons) in Telecommunication Engineering from HEIG-VD University in Switzerland. He was awarded the Edinburgh Napier University medal in recognition of outstanding achievements in 2014.

Alexandre commented: “Few companies take the risk to invest in research, and rather prefer to rely on well-established technologies. Current ways to detect intrusions are yet becoming obsolete, and it is nowadays almost impossible to prevent a skilled and motivated attacker to get in. This alarming observation led FarrPoint to initiate this project. I'm really pleased to be part of this challenge. It gives me the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology on a daily basis, and create something new.”

Neil Anderson, leading the project for Farrpoint, said: “We are thrilled to be working closely with Edinburgh Napier University on this valuable and exciting research project, and Alexandre will be a fantastic asset to our team. This is the first time FarrPoint has taken on a graduate to assist with research and we are thrilled to be developing new talent in this area.”

Prof Bill Buchanan, who leads the Cyber Security team at Edinburgh Napier University, outlined: “This KTP re-enforces our continued development within the application of advanced cyber security. Alexandre is the perfect person to take this work forward, and has straight distinctions in every one of his modules on our GCHQ-certified MSc course. Scotland is privileged to have such talent feeding our exciting Cyber Security industry, and help protect our own industries, while supporting the development of one of our most innovative SMEs”.

Richard Macfarlane, who leads the academic programme in Computer Security, and will be Alexandre's academic supervisor, outlined that "I supervised Alexandre's MSc disseration, and it was of the highest level possible, and it showed his enquiring mind for research.

About FarrPoint

FarrPoint is one of Scotland’s fastest growing technology and telecoms consultancies. Fully independent, FarrPoint works with businesses to assess their technology needs; helps define their strategy; considers all aspects of a project including efficiency, cost saving and productivity; and can assist with procurement and implementation.

FarrPoint works across numerous services including voice and data, broadband, mobility, security, and cloud services.

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