Collaboration Reaches a Higher Level for Educational Platforms


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The innovation partnership between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University continues to make a major impact on education in Scotland with over 10,000 active users and the release of four new Higher subjects, on-line. This includes Higher Computing, Higher Biology, Higher English and Higher Chemistry.

Innovation Collaboration

The research team have been developing a range of new educational techniques for the Higher material, and which builds on the extensive work within the N5 subjects. These will be released over the next few weeks, and include a range of automated question and answer questions which uses Cloud-based gathering of related questions.

The collaboration has won several awards and nominations, and is a finalist for the Interface Innovation of the Year 2014 Award.

Making a difference

Prof Bill Buchanan outlines that "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make such an impact on the education infrastructure in Scotland, and, hopefully, provide opportunities for every single child in Scotland.

To be able to help in creating the foundation education for our next generation, in virtually every subject area, and then to stimulate them into higher education, is something that we could only dream about. This collaboration has delivered on these dreams, and provides us with a platform to scale to our own students (and vice-versa).

For us, we wanted to implemented methods which provide a supportive on-line environment, which guides pupils in their learning. 

Further research

The analysis of the data around the usage of the system has already identified gaps with subjects, such as in Maths, and we aim to start new work with Bright Red Publishing on matching learning profiles to pupils. This will match learning styles to the way that pupils learn best with, and new provide ways for teachers to stimulate students in the studies. Bright Red Publishing are keen to support engagement of pupils within the on-line environment, with new research funding.

Within the new research, we'll have the chance to implement our machine learning methods within education, so that the on-line environment is able to understand the required pace of learning, and how to create peer challenges to stimulate pupils to higher levels of achievement."

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Director of CDCS
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