Visiting PhD student Nicola Capodieci and supervisor Prof. Emma Hart win best paper award at IEEE Self-Organising and Self-Adaptive Systems Conference in London

18/09/2014 September 2014, London

Visiting PhD student Nicola Capodieci, along with supervisors Prof. Emma Hart from Edinburgh Napier University and Dr Giacomo Cabri from the Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy, won the best paper award as SASO 2014, the  IEEE Self-Organising and Self-Adaptive Systems Conference in London.

Their paper Artificial Immune System driven evolution in Swarm Chemistry examined swarm chemistry systems, providing a novel way of enabling the system to adapt  and discover and detect new architectures.  Their work adds to current understanding in the fields of emergent systems and self-expression in software systems.

 IEEE SASO is a well-respected conference with an acceptance rate of 25% for papers, so this is an excellent achievement for Nicola.

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