2014 survey on community councils online reveals little progress


A survey covered the public web presences of potentially over 1300 Scottish Community Councils (CCs) found little progress since a similar survey in summer 2012.

There is a general awareness that there are issues with local government in Scotland that will have to be addressed no matter what the results of the independence referendum. The survey was carried out by researchers Bruce Ryan and Peter Cruickshank in late spring 2014 and will provide evidence to policy makers wishing to make improve the impact of the lowest tier of local democracy in Scotland. 

The research analysed content-types associated with up-to-date presences and examined Community Councils’ social media use, using three archetypes which may be used to derive models and examples of good practice

The research found that there has little change overall since 2012, which combined with a high level of churn implies an increasing number of digitally disengaged Community Councils.

The report, which includes a number of recommendations, can be downloaded here.
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Bruce Ryan
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Emergent ICT strategies for local democracy: capturing innovation
Building on previous research into the factors underlying CCs’ online performances, this work will investigate changes across Scotland and in individual Local Authorities. By refreshing the 2012 survey of CC online presences, this project will add depth and strength to our research effort in the...