Prof E. Hart and visiting student Nicola Capodieci have paper accepted at the prestigious IEEE Conference on Self-Organising Systems 2014

09/09/2014 London

Nicola Capodieci and Emma Hart have had a paper accepted at the IEEE conference on Self-Adapting and Self-Organising Systems, to be held at Imperial College London in September.

Nicola is a PhD student who has recently been visiting CEC for a period of 6 months from the Unversitat di Modena e Reggio Emilia. The paper  - Artificial Immune System driven evolution in Swarm Chemistry - brings together research in Artificial Immune Systems and Autonomous Adaptive Systems, demonstrating emergence of novel collective behaviours in swarms.
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Emma Hart
Director of CEC
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Bio-inspired Computing
The Bio-Inspired Algorithms group within the Centre for Algorithms, Visualisation and Evolving Systems is a large and thriving group with interests in nature-inspired computing that include Evolutionary Computing, Hyper-Heuristics, Artificial Immune Systems and Swarm Intelligence.