Peter Cruickshank and Bruce Ryan win grant to study hyperlocal government-citizen engagement


Following on from their recent and ongoing work on use of online communication by Scottish Community Councils (CCs), Peter and Bruce have been funded to study how three neighbouring CCs improve their engagement with their citizens. They will observe and support them as they set out to improve their online- and offline- conversations with their citizens. 

The work is inspired by CCs’ legal duty to obtain and share local opinions and to be involved with planning processes. As these CCs find their online voices, e.g. develop their Twitter personae, Bruce and Peter will observe how this changes the relationships between these CCs  and their citizens.

This 3-month, part-time project will be funded by Communities and Cultures Network+, a strand of RCUK’s Digital Economy initiative.

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Associated people

Peter Cruickshank
+44 131 455 2309
Bruce Ryan
Research Associate
+44 131 455 2723
Hyperlocal engagement
This was a seed research project funded by the CCN+ that investigated digital engagement by three neighbouring Scottish Community Councils (CCs) in a distinct area of a Scottish city. Previous surveys in 2012 and 2014 had shown that CCs generally do not use the internet well to engage with their...