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The collaboration between Bright Red Publishing and Edinburgh Napier University continues with two new books going live on the Bright Red Digital Zone.

This week has seen Physical Education going online (here), and today N5 Hospitality also went live (here). There are now 12 books live on the site, with a focus on getting the full range of N5 subjects on the site for the new academic year.

Professor Bill Buchanan outlines that "The collaboration is now working on a range of new applicaitons, including on Higher subjects. Overall there have been over 8,500 registration, and the foundation is being used for new research work between the collaborators, including creating customized learning environments. At the present time we can analyse the areas that pupils have problems with, and provide supportive feedback to improve their studies."

Marion Sinclair, Chief Executive of Publishing Scotland has said:

"In the past 10 years in Scotland the educational landscape has changed hugely and is set to change again with the serious bedding-in of the Curriculum for Excellence. The publishing industry is also in transition, moving from mainly traditionally produced and printed books to a mix of digital, online, print, and multi-platform publishing. It is a new era for us all in the books sector and one which requires a new set of skills and business thinking. Bright Red Publishing exhibited a fresh approach to educational publishing from the outset, and continue to innovate and impress, winning national awards, and garnering industry respect for their publishing. From the production of an app, to other complex digital developments and the new look and feel of their printed titles, Bright Red has been at the forefront of the revolution in learning and revision resources."

The work is partially funding by a SFC Follow-on Innovation Voucher, and provide an excellent example of a collaboration between a university resarch group and an innovative SME.

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