N5 Physical Education goes live on Bright Red Digital Zone


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As part of an extensive collaboration between Edinburgh Napier University and Bright Red Publishing, N5 Physical Education has gone live on the Bright Red Books Digital Zone here.


The Bright Red Publishing Digital Zone, which has involved a unique collaboration between researchers at Edinburgh Napier University and Bright Red Publishing, aims to create an extensive Web-based environment for pupils and teachers for the new N5 (CfE) curriculum in Scotland.

After just a few months of its release it has now past a major milestone with over 8,000 registrations, including both teachers and pupils. The most popular subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science and Physics.

Project background

The project is partially funded by a SFC Innovation Voucher, and the team are continuing to work on subjects such as Geography and History. The previous book on French integrated a unique language translators and speech generator:


More details at:


The work at Edinburgh Napier University has been led by Prof Bill Buchanan, who has designed and implemented the Digital Zone, and Adrian Smales, who has been involved in the project management of the roll-out of the Web-based material.

Bill continues to develop Web-based material which supports deep learning, including related to computer security at:


and for a new project which integrates with a Cloud-based environment (DFET).

The research team at Edinburgh Napier are keen to advanced learning at each of the levels, from N5, N6 (Higher), and onto N9 (BEng), N10 (BEng(Hons)) and N11 (MSc).

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Associated people

William Buchanan
Director of CDCS
+44 131 455 2759
Adrian Smales
Research Fellow
+44 131 455
Innovation and Integrated Learning Environment for Engaging and Ever-changing Educational Content
This project builds on the success of an Innovation Voucher which showcased the integration of fun and challenging on-line Physics material using a wide range of stimulating, ever changing challenges.