UrbanIxD project exhibition preview in Split, Croatia

01/07/2014 Split, Croatia 3rd - 17th July

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The UrbanIxD team is doing a trial run of the City | Data | Future exhibition in Split, Croatia, on July the 3rd. In the gallery of The City Museum of Split, in the old city centre, as a preview of the exhibition, eight selected works will be shown. Five works were initiated at the UrbanIxD summer school, held last year in Split: Aurora, the Aural City; Aural Fixation; Future Cloud is Buried; Ministry of Misinformation (MoMi); and Coordination of Urban Busy Areas (CUBA). Two works have been curated for the City | Data | Future exhibition: Chupan Chupai, by Factory Fifteen, produced by Liam Young; and Blackspot by Tobias Revell, taken from The Monopoly of Legitimate Use trilogy. The Eutropia design fiction has been directly commissioned from the Arts Academy in Splitexclusively for UrbanIxD exhibition.

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Research Fellow
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Associate Professor
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