Professor outlines Reuters Hack by Syrian Electronic Army via Taboola


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As we have seen in Russia’s suspected cyber attack on Web sites in Estonia, and in the Arab Spring uprising, the Internet is playing an increasing part within conflicts around the World.

Thus as we move into an Information Age, the battle field of the future is likely to be in Cyber Space, along with this it will also be the place where nation states will struggle to control news outlets. Previously, in 2012, Reuters was hacked by the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) a false article on the death of Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister Saud al-Faisal.

Reuters Hack

Over the weekend (at 12noon on Sunday 22 June 2014) this was highlighted by the SEA redirecting users to a page which stated:

Stop publishing fake reports and false articles about Syria!UK government is supporting the terrorists in Syria to destroy it. Stop spreading its propaganda.

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